"I think I'll form a metal band
Now we just need a name
It's gotta be some thing hardcore"
Don't you see you're fucking lame?

Pick a word, any word, any one will do
Maybe, to be extra cool, you could use a few
Here a some suggestions,
'Cause I know you're not all there
Not quite the full dollar, no brain cells to spare

Cross, Evil, Goat, Dark, Barbarian, Priest, Black, Doom Metal, Death, Skull, Tomb, Doom, Bloody, Goathead Nuclear, Carcass, Hate, Warriors

Ok, maybe you're not smart enough to put two words together
Here are some names that you could use, you no talent metal wanker.
I say metal will fuck you up
You say "How"
The only thing I've got to say,
Is "take a look at Ozzy now"

Death Warrior, Death Sord, Death Axe, Deathlordz. Nüclear Metal, Deathicide, Coffin, Evil Skull Death, Doomicide, Skulls With Lips, Messy Sacrifice, World War 5, Gnarled Tree
Sacrificial Boot, Unholy Cauldron, Dead Choirboy, Unholy Evil
Nuclear Crucifixion, Priest Beast, Scary Ritual at Night, Skeletal Goat, Evil Tombstone, BatSkull, NuclearSlaughterHell, Cliff Livez, Kill the Good, Evil Helmet, Unhappy Helmet, Charred Skull, Invisible Claw, DemonRage
Ghosticide, Floating Head, The Kings of Destruction, Black Pentegram, Sgt. LeatherLord, Tainted Corpse, Dead Corpse

I know all about "Each to their own"
But please, even "Maximum RocknRoll" is better than this
Stop hiding behing your masks, and studio trickery
We already know you suck, It's time to get some talent
There's one last thing I must say
to all you hardcore metal fucks
Here is it, 1-2-3, all at once now
"Lets face it, metal sucks"

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