Ich bin der wohlbekannte Sänger
Der vielgereiste Rattenfänger
Den diese altberühmte Stadt
Gewiss besonders nötig hat
Und wärens Ratten noch so viele
Und wären Wiesel mit im Spiele
Von allen säubere ich diesen Ort
Sie müssen alle mit mir fort

Dann ist der gutgelaunte Sänger
Mitunter auch ein Kinderfänger
Der selbst die wildesten bezwingt
Wenn er die goldenen Märchen singt
Und wären Knaben noch so trutzig
Und wären Mädchen noch so stutzig
In meine Saiten greif ich ein
Sie müssen alle hinterdrein

Von allen säubere ich diesen Ort
Sie müssen alle mit mir fort

Greife ich einen Akkord
Gehen sie mit mir fort
Mit dem ganzen Pack
Verlasse ich die Stadt
In der Nacht auf der Jagd

Dann ist der vielgewandte Sänger
Gelegentlich ein Mädchenfänger
In keinem Städtchen langt er an
Wo er`s nicht mancher angetan
Und wären Mädchen noch so öde
Und wären Weiber noch so spröde
Doch allen wird so liebesbang
Bei Zaubersaiten und Gesang

Von allen säubere ich diesen Ort
Sie müssen alle mit mir fort

Greife ich einen Akkord ...

Euch zum Spott und Hohn
Hole ich nun meinen Lohn

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    General CommentThe Ratcatcher of Hameln is something like a german fairy tale. There was once the town Hameln that was pleagued by rats. One day there came a traveling bard and said he could make all the rats go away and desperate the townspeople offered him many riches if he just made the rats go away. The bard took his flute and played a song, that made all rats come to him. Without stoping to play he walked out of the town and all the rats followed him. He led them to the river Main and they all ran into the water and drowend. When the bard returned to the townspeople to get his payment they said that the rat-problem had solved itself and that there was no way his playing could be conected to it in any way and so they did not have to pay him. The bard got very angry and left the town that his curse would be horrible if the townspeople would not pay him but they did not really pay attention to it. When the bard returned, he once again toke out his flute and started to play, but this time all the children of the town followed him down the road away from the town. The townspeople where highly frightend by this display of his power and agreed to pay him his reward and he let go all the children.

    "The Ratcatcher

    I'm the famous singer
    The far traveled ratcatcher
    That this old famous town
    Sourly really needs
    And even if there would be so many rats
    And even if there would be weasels, too
    Of them all I clear this place
    They all have to come with me

    Then the happy singer is
    Sometimes a childcather, too
    Who calmes even the wildest
    When he's singing golden tales
    And would lads be that stern
    And would lasses be that overwhelmed
    In my strings I reach (?, play the lute)
    They all have to follow

    Of them all I clear this place
    They all have to come with me

    When I play a tune (not a translation, but the same meaning)
    They go away with me
    With the hole pack (?)
    I leave this town
    At night, at night
    At night, on the hunt

    Then the worldwise singer is
    Somtimes a girlcatcher
    In no town he arrives
    Where he's not admired
    And would lasses be that boring
    And would women be that prude
    All of them them feel that excited
    With magic strings and song

    To lough at you all
    I now take my reward"

    Again the tale of the ratcatcher but this time he does not take the childrens with him to get his payment, but the townsmen doughters to be his reward.
    Neithanon April 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is based on the poem "Der Rattenfänger" by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, which is of course inspired by the legend.
    Tallicafanon July 03, 2006   Link

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