Peoples' eyes can see your grime
Scrub your body, waste your time
Primp and puff to meet the norm
That's the way that you were born
Born to satisfy other folk
Who couldn't care less if you were to choke
The endless rules of "fitting in"
When you don't, it's an unforgivable "sin"

He lives! He's real! He's everywhere!
You're wrong to think he's not out there!
You've got no proof to prove him dead!
Cause I haven't listened to a word you've said

Insecurity powers impressionable minds
Accepting the easiest answers they find
Its not simple enough to care for the earth
So its raped of its beauty, drained of its worth
And well never run out of trees or the land
And the world will continue to rest in our hands
To care for an animal, a questionable act
Seemingly pointless so it must be attacked

Save the earth, what a pointless crock
Its these dreamers that we must mock
Stop their words and keep their mouths shut
So that no one may ask them "What?"

And beliefs that differ from their society
Shouldn't exist to cause added anxiety
If not coinciding with the majority's say
So you reside in a castle somewhere far away
Don't think for yourself, you might find a flaw
In the systems arrangement of what they call "law"
Uncle Sam fooled you to think you were needed
But our lives have been stolen, our freedom defeated

There's nothing wrong with America
We have our protection and the law
Police keep the poor at bay
They arrested another one today

The government is swell, the government is good
Love the government like good little girls and boys should
The government will never do you any wrong
This is the shit that's been bought for way too long
Any way it can, the government exploits you
Look at the country, you can't say it isn't true
You were bred to behave, sit and stay still
Don't worry about your life, the government will

I love this democracy
Thank god for rules, they make us free
Without it, everyone would die
Just believe it don't ask why

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The Plague Of Mankind (Written by and Dedicated to Danielle) song meanings
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