Their lives are just a pointless pursuit
Just the same empty dead and dull route
They just sit their in a careless shell
Lying to themselves that their life is swell
Trying so hard not to think about a thing
So they can never care about another being
And focus on their money and their possessions
Wasting their lives in greedy obsessions

Chorus- I know! You know! They know! We all know!
Its shit, but they just dont want to admit to it
Living their entire lives as complete phonies
Burying themselves in fashion and TV
They sit there feeling so comfortable
Ignoring all issues to keep their lives stable
Making them selfish and hateful people
While pushing us down high atop their steeples
Because they don't want their lives exposed
They wanna keep themselves hidden and closed


Its so easy for them to go with the current
Going with the system to stay content
Never take a stand never contradict
Giving up their lives to avoid any conflict
They hoist themselves over the lower class
Stepping on their backs so they can surpass
Getting their filthy part of the capitalist pie
While others can do nothing but fade and die


Bridge- But we're not fallin for it
We wont live in their shit
Cuz we have something to do
Secure freedom for me and you
Take what is owed to us
Get something out of this mess
Because we actually care
We wont sit in despair
We are going to fight
Well use all of our might
And when everything is done
Well be the ones who really won!

Lyrics submitted by x.dave.x

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