"Fix" as written by and Andrew Eldritch....
Love for the party love for the nation
Love for the fix for the fabrication
Love for the corpse for the corporation
Love for the death and for the defecation

Romance and assassination
Give me the love of genocide
Give me love

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"Fix" as written by Andrew Eldritch

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    My InterpretationWow, not one comment yet. I think I shall change that....

    In brief, I believe that this song is about complete government/oligarchy control.

    "Love for the party, love for the nation" - Party is short for political party, which makes sense with the next love being 'for the nation' which means that it's a nationalistic political party; these tend to be very liberal and have socialistic tendencies.

    "Love for the fix for the fabrication" - The fix seems to have a double meaning. The obvious one is related to having the high one gets from drugs. The second one is being hypnotized by government propaganda and being another one of the controlled sheep, which then really seems supported by 'fabrication'; fabrication here means the half truths and the lies that the government tells in order to appease the masses and keep them under control.

    "Love for the corpse, for the corporation" - The corpse could be a metaphor for the remains of what was a free(r) nation, which has been over taken by a corporation that now rules as an oligarchy that works to instill love and strong support from the masses for itself while controlling them.

    "Love for the death and defecation" - 'Death' is analogical for the death of the older nation (that I mentioned earlier); defecation has two meanings, to have a bowl movement or to become clear of impurities. I believe it is used here in the second meaning, which means that the narrator supports the eradication of the old system.

    "Romance and assassination" - "Romance" is analogical for the patriotic nationalistic love a revolutionary would have. Assassination would be a mode of obtaining such a person's end; this could be reminiscent of something like the unification of Italy, where assassinations and gorilla warfare help to expelled Austria and other foreign powers from Italy in order to unite it under democratic Italian control.

    "Give me the love of genocide" - While we usually associate the word 'genocide' with something like the Holocaust (the deliberate and systematic extermination of a racial group), it also can deal with nations or political groups. I have a feeling that here genocide is used for the latter, especially in the idea of destroying an old political group and system in favor of another.

    "Give me love" - While Eldritch normally sings about carnal love, here it's a metaphor for patriotism and, perhaps, national support.
    BonjourLaFilleon March 17, 2012   Link

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