"God Is Dead" as written by and Peter Thomas Steele....
God looked down from heaven shook his head and wept
His flock had gone astray wolves mingling with sheep
You tried to save man once by sending down a son
But the bastards nailed him up
And laughed at what they'd done

You gang raped mother nature I love a virgins cry
Blood poured from the earth she suffered and she died
Rusty scissors still in hand you castrated father time
Feed his balls to the hounds that drink his cum like wine

God is dead

You've taken all my precious gifts
I gave unto you life from by breath
You a product of my love
Your gratitude shown in my death

The devil has taken your spirit
Keeps it chained up in the night
Tells you that evil is good
But you will never see the light

Eat his body drink his blood
Then we'll sing our song of love

Now you come crawling on your hands and knees
You beg for forgiveness suck me till I bleed
And for your transgressions heretical blasphemy
The punishment is damnation you'll burn interminably

Look what you've done to nature
And what you've done to time there's no more room in hell
Your sinners you steal what is mine

Now the dead walk the earth
There's nowhere to hide
The devil and his disciples
Rejoice my suicide

Bustin' heads breaking legs
Smashin' faces spreading hate
Screaming out this can't be real
Broken bottles chains and
Knives bats and pipes to end your life
Crush you beneath my wheels

And of course no regret give me freedom or give me death
You're flirting with disaster
Riding wild running free no one's gonna govern me

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"God Is Dead" as written by Peter Thomas Steele

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    General Comment"God is dead" is not meant literally, as in "God is now physically dead"; rather, it is Nietzsche's way of saying that the idea of "God" (religion and other such spirituality) is no longer capable of acting as a source of any moral code or teleology. Nietzsche recognizes the crisis which the death of God represents for existing moral considerations, because "When one gives up the Christian faith, one pulls the right to Christian morality out from under one's feet. This morality is by no means self-evident... By breaking one main concept out of Christianity, the faith in God, one breaks the whole: nothing necessary remains in one's hands." This is why in "The Madman", the madman is primarily addressing atheists — the problem is to retain any system of values in the absence of a divine order.
    The death of God is a way of saying that humans are no longer able to believe in any such cosmic order since they themselves no longer recognize it. The death of God will lead, Nietzsche says, not only to the rejection of a belief of cosmic or physical order but also to a rejection of absolute values themselves — to the rejection of belief in an objective and universal moral law, binding upon all individuals. In this manner, the loss of an absolute basis for morality leads to nihilism. This nihilism is what Nietzsche worked to find a solution for by re-evaluating the foundations of human values. This meant, to Nietzsche, looking for foundations that went deeper than Christian values. He would find a basis in the "will to power" that he described as "the essence of reality".
    Nietzsche believed that the majority of people did not recognize (or refused to acknowledge) this death out of the deepest-seated fear or angst. Therefore, when the death did begin to become widely acknowledged, people would despair and nihilism would become rampant. This is partly why Nietzsche saw Christianity as nihilistic. He saw himself as a historical figure like Zarathustra, Socrates or Jesus, giving a new philosophical orientation to future generations to overcome the impending nihilism.
    sepultura1987on November 06, 2008   Link

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