100 girls or maybe more
Left me passed out on the floor
I know it might be wrong
I had to write this song
For 100 girls and hundreds more

There was Katherine in Manhattan
Her mouth was always laughing
She's always a distraction
Cause she always wants some action
At one! She took me in a cab
Two! Hit a Sojo bar
Three! She got real bad
And jumped me in a subway car
These are Mary's voodoo ways
We would stay in bed for days
In an alligator haze
In her swampy southern place
She broke me down on Bourbon Street
Curled up at her feet
As Mary flashed the parades
I fixed myself with hurricanes

100 girls or maybe more
Left me passed out on the floor
I wish I heard you tell me
"Make up your mind
Wake up, make up your mind"

This is Daisy, this is crazy
Always telling me I'm lazy
Her endurance would amaze me
And her swearing didn't phase me
It was based upon a sweet lie
Like a butterfly
She showed herself in many faces
Had a thing for public places
Late at night in Fenway Park
She ran me naked through the dark
Daisy let me suffer there
Smothered in my underwear

100 girls or maybe more
Left me passed out on the floor
I wish I heard you tell me
"Make up your mind
Wake up, make up your mind"

There was Alison and here's the thing
I thought that she was seventeen
She was eighteen but looked sixteen
And told me she was thirty-three
Valerie who hated money
Stuck me to the sheets with honey
Caroline from Amersterdam
Took off with some other band
Megan, Kim and the rest
I love you all and that's the test
If I wake up inside
How will I make up my mind?

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    General Commenti couldnt believe this was stroke 9 when i first heard this song... its so different!! but i like it...
    missXXchiquitaon August 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYeah I hear ya missXX...kind of sort of has a poppy feel to it in a weird sort of way...but I'll have to listen to it a few more times before I pass final judgement
    Traumattizingon August 20, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is a cool song. Mostly I think it's about some really @#$%ed up realtionships, with some really crazy girls.
    breathlesson August 21, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti love this song sooo much . i love u no doubt keep em all cumin.
    and u rocked the stage at the summer fest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) :) :)
    smurfetteon August 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt's about a guy who had all of these girls that he really liked, (maybe even loved.) he has screwed them all up in some way, probably because of his fear of commitment.
    sludon June 13, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI don't know if I agree with ya slud, While it might be about all these girls he's liked or even loved, he also says, "100 girls or maybe more have left me passed out on the floor" so maybe they left him. "Caroline from Amersterdam..." Or maybe it's a mix.

    Maybe he's just gloating :).
    calliton July 03, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think he's just lived a life of sex and drinking and had some great times. Now that he's getting older, he's afraid of ending up alone . He realizes he had 100 opportunities or more to build something more substantial.
    JackFrostZZZon January 26, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti dunno ...i always see these 100 s(or more) as groupies
    pop_iton May 23, 2005   Link

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