in the confines of this culture who's doors are welded tight with accumulated wealth that can't buy anything close to happiness, i'm kicking off my coffin lid. shake the world awake because we're far from vampires, and the sand we shed is nothing more than dust on timecards, and the seats of rusting cars headed to places we despise. I WANT TO BUILD CASTLES WITH MY TIME! CASTLES WHOS TRUMPETS WAKE THE DEAD FOR MILES! streets drenched in people that can't smile at one another because their programs are set to serve the master's cause, who could give a rat's fuck about arthritis and crippled spines. time chews through heads clouded with appointments well worth missing every time. it's time to dislodge our roots from this thick oily earth, and roll through town like steamboats yelling "WAKE THE FUCK UP!". they're drowning us in urine that will later turn to gold. these alchemists have nothing else in mind for us. wake me up before i die. before i forget why i shouldn't smile your way and ask you why we're sitting here together, same destination, train packed to the tracks. and i should'nt ask you whether we should'nt just all jump the fuck out the window, abandon this high speed train full of empty chains and weightless iron balls that have been gluing our imaginations to the neverending tv movie that we pay our "souls and 52 cents" for generations-old plastic headphones, to watch on this monotonous flight "destination" straight to hell. stop me if i'm sounding crazy. stop me faster if i'm acting like a drone again. wake me up before i die. they'll never take us back to the overcrowded solitary confines. wake me up before i die. because in the middle of this eternal winter there is within us an invincible summer!

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    General Commenti love former members, i remember i bought a tape of a mexican edition (im from chile) like four years ago or something and i was like "duh" i really like a lot this band and this song as well, the lyrics are amazing.. then when i went to australia i bought teh split with bread and circuits and is fucking great too!!
    i will try to put some lyrics up
    ok, the only thing that i know now is that my english sucks :P
    delcieloon January 15, 2005   Link
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    delcieloon January 16, 2005   Link

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