"Automatic Flowers" as written by and Maida/lanni....
And sara thinks she's died here once before
She's crazy
A pop-up book of flowers from grade four
Are driving her insane

No one knows why
She's sad tonight
No one can help her find
Crying, crying she couldn't afford the view
Crying, crying these automatic flowers won't do

Another brick
Another window frames the confusion
Her garden blooms but sara can't see straight
She's drinking herself blind

No one knows why
She's stares outside
No one can help her find
Crying, crying she couldn't afford the view
Crying, crying these automatic flowers won't do
These automatic flowers won't do

She never admitted, she never condsiered
That she always means better
She's wasting all our time

Crying, crying, she couldn't afford the view
Crying, crying, these automatic flowers won't do
These automatic flowers won't do
These automatic flowers, flowers won't do
Won't do
Won't do, won't do won't do, won't do, won't do, won't do

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"Automatic Flowers" as written by

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    General CommentFascinating enough, I believe this song is about alchoholism. She can't afford to pay for her apartment. Why's this? She spends most of her time trying to make herself happy. Eventually she becomes an alcoholic. Alcohol becomes her automatic flowers. Hence, She's drinking herself blind. (By the way, I agree endersshadow on the automatic flowers. Although, they're supposed to be the frilly innocence of the song.)
    DavidSpoonon May 28, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe last verse is missing:
    "She'll never admit it
    She never considered this
    She always means better
    She's wasting all her time"

    Sara is a lonely girl who had a very specific dream of what she wanted when she grew up. She wants "flowers," a metaphor for her dream life, but her window is just a brick wall, meaning she didn't get exactly what she wanted. she wants to see the beauty out there but she feels like all she can get are the automatic flowers of her childhood book, which she keeps playing with, all alone, because she feels like that's the best she can do. the flowers are automatic because they always open on command, and she wants happiness to be at her command. Even though it is the best she can do, she just wants more, and she's frustrated that's she's not getting it. "her garden blooms, but sara can't see straight she's drinking herself blind" means that she has things that she should be happy about all around her, but she's too busy being self-destructive about not getting exactly what she wanted that she can't see it. "No one can help her find" means that no matter what anyone does, she will never see it. She's spending her life crying because she never got her ideal life. the last verse, "she'll never admit it, she never considered this" means she doesn't want anyone to know why she's so upset, despite the fact that it's obvious from her crying and drinking that she is. "she always feels better, she's wasting all her time" I am familiar with as what you think of when you have that depressed person who you ask if they are ok, but they never are, they just always say "I'll be ok" implying that they'll feel better later. It's like her always saying "I'll feel better later" but right now she's spending her time crying. She'll never feel better for real.

    That's just my interpretation.
    destirinityon May 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMy ex-girlfriend's name is Sara....and that bitch is crazy
    GrafetePympon July 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about a very lonely girl. Read the lyrics and you should be able to find many obvious supports for my thinking. Flowers represent love and relationships, but the 'automatic' basically nullifies that -- the flowers are given without feeling? :P
    naveedon May 08, 2002   Link
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    General Commentits about a girl whos looking at a book and it has pop up flowers in it... and then years later she opens the same book only to find out that the flowers are still there.. and they pop up when you open the book, they don't just open automatically.
    Sparrow1332on June 16, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti dunno i never could figure out this song really... i agree w/ that its a very lonely girl but i dont get the pop up book from grade 4 part... or automatic flowers i couldnt think of how flowers could be automatic but someone said because their givenin w/o feeling i agree there now....
    jaggtagg7on July 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI like perhaps its about how things from the past can come back and haunt you and still make you feel bad and it drives you crazy that its still there no matter what....but what do I know about anything?
    my_friends_over_youon July 26, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt is about a girl, who obviously is very upset.Haven't got a clue why though. And can i just say that the automatic flowers refer to the flowers in the pop up book. When she opens the book up, the flowers 'automatically' pop up.
    Diliferon August 10, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti read a quote from raine on this that said that it's about a woman that lives alone in an apartment and all she has left is this pop-up book. the entire history of "sara" isn't given, only hinted at by the line "crying, crying, she couldn't afford the view". dilifer's right on the automatic flowers, it isn't a play on words, it's a description of the pop-up book's contents, and this pop-up book is the only thing that she has that's close to her, and it won't do to be happy, thus, "these automatic flowers won't do"...
    endersshadowon August 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about a girl that's insane and she holds on to her childhood, when everything was ok, with a pop-up book from grade four... and ppl dont quite know why she is the way she is.. and try and cheer her up with flowers and they just dont do the trick
    AmericanBeauty84on September 13, 2002   Link

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