"Christmas Song" as written by and Adolphe Adam....
She was his girl; he was her boyfriend
She be his wife; take him as her husband
A surprise on the way, any day, any day
One healthy little giggling dribbling baby boy
The wise men came three made their way
To shower him with love
While he lay in the hay
Shower him with love love love
Love love love
Love love is all around

Not very much of his childhood was known
Kept his mother Mary worried
Always out on his own
He met another Mary for a reasonable fee, less than
Reputable as known to be

His heart was full of love love love
Love love love
Love love is all around
When Jesus Christ was nailed to the his tree
Said "oh, Daddy-o I can see how it all soon will be
I came to shed a little light on this darkening scene
Instead I fear I spill the blood of my children all around"

The blood of our children all around
The blood of our children all around
The blood of our children all around
So the story goes, so I'm told
The people he knew were
Less than golden hearted
Gamblers and robbers
Drinkers and jokers, all soul searchers
Like you and me

Rumors insisted he soon would be
For his deviations
Taken into custody by the authorities
Less informed than he.
Drinkers and jokers. all soul searchers
Searching for love love love
Love love love
Love love is all around

Preparations were made
For his celebration day
He said "eat this bread and think of it as me
Drink this wine and dream it will be
The blood of our children all around
The blood of our children all around"
The blood of our children all around

Father up above, why in all this anger have you fill
Me up with love
Fill me love love love
Love love love
Love love
And the blood of our children all around

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"Christmas Song" as written by Adolphe Adam

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    General CommentThis is such a great song. The lyrics of the song fit so well with the title. Since I often fall asleep to music, I usually listen to this song because it is just so... I don't know, "lullabyish" if you know what I mean.
    antifox64on November 24, 2001   Link
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    General CommentI think some of you are wrong when you say Dave is not a religious man, because he belives in his own agenda. He might not be a Christian Sam but he still respects what Jesus was about and what he is about. Just because he doesnt do the same religious things that normal people do doesent mean he doesent have beliefs and stuff. Dave admires Jesus because they have something in common, and that is beliving that "Love" is the answer to some of the worlds problems. When dave is talking about Mary M. it is just a part of the story it has nothing to do with Jesus sleeping with her. It has more to do with Dave showing an example of how Jesus lived his life by showing love love love to everyone no matter who they were. To me this shows that Dave feels Jesus was on to something by loving everyone and it doesent mean Jesus failed, it means we as humans have failed in learning from that lesson. In any matter the Christmas Song to me is one of Dave's finer "story songs" and is ment for everyone to see that we all are "soul searchers" looking for ways to make the world better and in Dave's humble opinion Love is the way to go. I agree Dave well done
    ashnesgolfon April 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentDoes anyone see the irony in a lot of these posts? This song was written about a great story of a man who preached that everyone should love those around them, no matter what kind of person that he or she was. His teachings were then twisted by others for hatred and violence. As the song says "I came to shed a little light on this darkening scene. Instead I fear I’ve spilled the blood of our children all around." It wasn't His teachings that failed, many men failed to follow his idea. Rather than accepting everyone, it is common to believe that someone with a different view is wrong, no matter how small the detail. Now an amazing artist makes an amazing song and people are arguing over the little things. Does it matter how close Dave Matthews' spiritual views are to the Christian views most commonly accepted? Listen to Dave's song lyrics and when he talks. He is a good man no matter how close his views are to yours. Also, does it matter if Mary was a prostitute? Even if someone could prove that a woman who lived 2000 years ago was a prostitute, Jesus taught to love your neighbor as yourself. He didn't say love only those people who are morally pure. In posts for several DMB songs on this web page people are calling each other idiots and retards because they don't share the same view. The way two people view a song and disagree over the meaning is analogous to two people's view on spirituality. The song or teaching is good, but what the viewer makes of it is up to the viewer. Lets get back to the basics and just love each other, the rest will work itself out. As another great artist said, "All you need is love."
    rjamesson November 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song baffled me for a long time as to what it meant. I know that Dave, while he is a spiritual person, is a skeptic of organized religion. I too am not a fan of organized religion, so for a long time this song drove me away, despite it beauty and simplicity. But I listened to it again recently and it has an entirely new meaning to me, and has become one of my favorite songs Dave has ever written.

    Dave does get in a jab at religion when he says "instead of fear I've spilled the blood of my children all around" which makes me think of the Crusades and other Holy Wars that are fought in the name of some religion. But overall, this song has a very positive message. The Church equates sinning with with being bad, but Dave does not agree with that. He says that we may be gamblers and robbers, drinkers and jokers, or sinners in other words. But that does not mean we cannot look inside of ourselves and find love for one another. My favorite line of the whole song is "Father up above, why in all this hatred do you fill us up with love?" and I love it so much because hatred and love are complete opposites, and it would appear as though both can't exist at the same time.

    I think that the whole message of this song is that nobody, not even Jesus who visited a prostitute, can be perfect in the eyes of the Lord, the way the Catholic church wants us to be. So instead, we just need to do the best we can and love each other amidst all of this hatred.

    AcouzStick89on April 13, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti have a 2 year son. when he was inside the womb, i would always sing this song to him. you know him being the "healthy little giggling dribbling baby boy". we knew he was a boy. but shortly after he was born, my wife left me alone w/him and i couldn't get him to stop crying. i turned on a "christmas song" as a last resort, and he truly stopped crying. it was unreal.
    flaquitoon January 06, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is just a great example of dave matthews as a storyteller. he takes an already great story, and adds his own little twists such as the "oh daddy-o", and the "met another Mary, who for a reasonable fee, less than reputable was known to be". he just has an amazing way of saying something in a way no one else could ever think of
    proudest monkeyon January 12, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti am clear that this song is about the amazing story of Jesus. but the beginning is so simple. thats what makes it beautiful
    musicluva44on March 03, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti am clear that this song is about the amazing story of Jesus. but the beginning is so simple. thats what makes it beautiful
    musicluva44on March 03, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwhat a terriffic song... it's true... honest... exciting... and addicting... all of the trademarks dave is known for. Love this song. Does anybody own "Remember 2 things?" After "A Christmas Song" on this reckord there is a really clever secret track followed by the sounds of a heavy rainstorm...and then the relaxing tone of crickets and tree frogs... what an absolutely perfect way to end a cd.
    LiNkNmarkon March 09, 2002   Link
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    General CommentDave was once quoted as saying that he was very fond of Jesus Christ, not for what he said, but how he said it. I think this shows through in this song, a reminder to those of the Christian faith that the point of their religion should be love.
    PapaBobDoleon April 18, 2002   Link

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