"Clumsy" as written by and Maida/lanni....
Throw away the radio suitcase
That keeps you awake
Hide the telephone in case, you realize that sometimes you're not okay
You level off but its not all right now
You need to understand
There's nothing strange about this
You need to know your friends
I'll be waving my hand watching you drown
Watching you scream
Quiet or loud
Maybe you should sleep
Maybe you just need a friend
As clumsy as you've been
There's no one laughing
You will be safe in here
Throw away this very old shoelace that tripped you again
Try and shrug it off
It's only skin now
You need to understand
There's nothing fake about this
You need to let me in
I'm watching you

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"Clumsy" as written by Michael Maida Arnold Lanni

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    General CommentPersonally, I believe this song is about someone going through self-injury (cutting possibly) and the friend that's trying to get them through it. I think the SI'er doesn't want anyone to know what's going on, which makes sense, since the world does not accept cutting or other forms of self-harm as reasonable or sane coping mechanisms. "Throw away the very old shoelace that tripped you again. Shrug it off, it's only skin." Many self injurers lie how they hurt themselves when people notice their wounds, such as running into doors, falling, etc. ("As Clumsy as you've been, there's no one laughing.") However the friend isn't falling for it, and knows "there's nothing fake about this," and he wants to be "let in," or know how that person is feeling. But the fact still remains that the friend is on the outside, waving his hands happily, not because the friend doesn't care, but because the SI'er won't let him know what's wrong(pretending his life is just fine), even though the friend already knows. He's calling his bluff basically. I also get this idea because Automatic Flowers is on the same cd, and many believe it too is also about self-injury.
    tree151on June 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThe whole song is built around the image of somone drowning and waving for help, but their friends on the shore just wave back.
    egoat711on December 11, 2001   Link
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    General CommentI used to think of this song in a negative way, the people watching the person in trouble drown, but making no move to help him. I've done a lot of thinking about this song, and I think what it comes down to is that, the speaker (singer, whoever) doesn't know how to help his "drowning" friend so he just waits on the shore for his friend to come to him to talk. The speaker wants his friend to know that he's there for him, when he's ready. At least, that's what I think.

    Tenacious Joe, the song "Little Things" is by Good Charlotte.
    The Charade is Overon May 26, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt is a wonderful song by under-rated band.
    Edit the sad partson January 10, 2002   Link
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    Song MeaningThe start of the song refers to one throwing away the radio, suitcase, etc. that keeps one awake. I feel that his is reality, when someone chooses not to listen to those around them...such as friends or family because they do not like what they are saying, even if they are correct, right, or looking out for your best interests.

    The speaker is disagreeing with what the person is doing and is a true friend. So much of a friend that s/he is stepping back and not enabling the individual, such as in the case of drug abusers or addicts. The speaker is saying that you need to understand, there's nothing strange about this...I am your true friend and I will be waving my hand watching you drown, scream, no one's around. The speaker is referring to the "clumsy" behavior of the person that is/as pushed everyone away.

    However the degree of "tough love" given by the speaker, s/he also tells the person that s/he needs to "let me in" and that "you should sleep," "you just need a friend," etc. These are all examples of the speaker extending out, but if and only if the clumsy behavior stops because as they speaker mentions there's no one laughing and the shoe lace that keeps tripping the person can be seen as the habit and/or excuse that s/he keeps using.
    prattjjon July 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentA friend keeps fucking up their life and fucking you over and finally you just say, fuck it, fine, if that's how you want to be then do it.

    Maybe one day that guy will have a friend as "clumsy" with their own life and their friendship and learn a lesson.
    Mendalusa77on March 06, 2015   Link
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    General Commenti love this song, when i was little they were my favorite
    geekgirl9on January 26, 2002   Link
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    General Commentegoat711, i think its more than that. it's about seeing things in general but not seeing it for what they really are. People should think more and question things.
    fadelon April 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentActually, I believe the song is about perspective. The fact that you are drowning, flayling your hands around, screaming out names, it may look like you are saying, hey look at me. It's about how we all perscieve stuff, in average life. Next time you look at some thing that is easly misunderstood, get another persons opinion.

    Our Lady Peace...

    How far is it to peace, the piper sighed,
    The Solitary, sweating as he paused.
    Asphalt the noon; the ravens, terrified,
    Fled Carrion thunder that percussion caused...

    Yes, the band's name is a name of a poem, this is how they got the name... :)
    EmokidAlexon April 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about someone Raine or whoever wrote it knew that was "going down the wrong path". and no matter how much he tried he couldnt save him, so he's drowning is a metaphor for this person failing in life. when its says "and maybe you should sleep, and maybe you just need a friend" it means that this person just needs someone to gt them back on track. I've loved this song for years and thats what i've figured out it means.
    sic n twistedon April 19, 2002   Link

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