"Pollution" as written by William Frederick Durst, John Everett Otto, Samuel Robert Rivers and Wesley Louden Borland....
Come on fool
Aw...aw...aw drop that shit
Straight comin' at ya, punk
The greatest side is critical when digging on my concept

Rhythms keep on building like smoke
Got'cha running from the law
Maybe it's that low end smothered with the freestyle
Maybe it's the thought of being on the bottom of the pile

Style's bound to the sky lines
Keep 'em on the sidelines
Choking on my fly rhymes
You need the Heimlich maneuver

This ain't no joke
You're gonna choke
When I'm swinging it to ya

When do you decide (you decide)
Then you can know in your mind (you decide)
When do you decide
I'll probably never understand
Pollution, you preach the noise about the words that you don't want to
Pollution, I keep the grip tight on the mic spill
Pollution, you preach the noise about the words that you don't want to
Pollution, I keep that grip real tight

Breaker, breaker one nine, spitting out that skill
Suicidal punk let me know you're real
I'm walking on a thin line with the sticky bass line
Now you're stuck with the flow running through your mind

So if you're crossing over, let me know you're real
Put a flex on your neck now you get the feel
I rumble like the thunder
Now you're going under

I wonder what the fuck is even going down
I listen to 'em stereotype and then complain
I can't refrain from bringing on the pain


So when they tell me to turn down that volume
I'm gonna bring that beat back
And when they tell Sam to turn down that bass
I'm gonna bring that beat back
And when they tell me to turn down the vocal
I'm gonna bring that beat back
And when they tell us to shut the fuck up
I'm gonna bring that beat back


Aw, aw, aw gonna bring that beat back...instead I keep that grip real
I'm gonna bring that beat back
I'm gonna bring that beat back
[right here Fred says a bunch of stuff that I'll figure out someday]
Back [repeated several times]
(Fred shut up, alright)
(this is me telling you to shut up...shut up)
(Fred, shut the fuck up)
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"Pollution" as written by Samuel Robert Rivers John Everett Otto

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    General CommentFred wrote this kick-ass song about how people judge his music and call it "noise pollution". They say it is worshipping Satan, but the fact really is that he is really worships Jesus and prays every day and that their accusation aren't true. They're telling him to turn down that volume, that bass, that vocal, and shut the f*ck up and he's just saying, "I'm gonna bring that beat back!"
    King Nothingon April 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentProbably the best song on 3 dollar bill.

    It's about the people saying that limp bizkits music is pollution but when infact they are producing all the pollution. So Limp Bizkit says:'I'm gonna bring that beat back, and keep playing my music.

    Peace Limpsters!
    ghjkdtyertycxvbon November 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOne of their very, VERY rare decent tracks. And who would've guessed it, it's on their first album. Too bad they suck shit out of my cats ass now.
    Horridon May 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentHow the fuck is Durst a christian???? A christian that goes on about having a chainsaw, beating the shit out of someone, saying fuck 50 times in one song, and kidnapping a girl
    Anti-Punkon December 23, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis is why there really shoudlnt be religion in music...*sigh*...people go to arguing about whether(sp?) some dude is a christian or not because of his music...music is an outlet to express oneself, it doesnt always have to be about the person writing it. but whatever...i dont really like limp bizkit i just saw pyropunk's comment on "latest comment" and i wanted to see what was going on lol
    Paranoia_Agenton January 19, 2006   Link
  • -1
    General Commentuhhh limb bizkit are dumn and people are dumb for saying they worship satan, bands that do say it! they don't say they did it all for the nookie. they say "ark angel dark angle lend my thy light, through death's vail till we have heavin in site l:l"
    lipglossandblackon June 30, 2003   Link

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