"Heaven's Open" as written by and Mike Oldfield....
This is that morning,
It's waiting for you.
The face of destiny
Standing before you.
This is zero hour, now is for you.
Can you feel that power inside of you?
This priceless moment
In your possession.
Answers to mysteries
Stand in succession.
This is zero hour and there's no way back.
Can you feel that power? In its arms you're wrapped
All through the night-time
'Til the sun comes in.
Now Heaven's open.
Just fly right in.
Now you stand in that garden,
This is that vision.
Out on the world's edge,
It's your baptism.
This is zero hour and your hands are free.
Can you feel that power? It's ecstasy!
All through the night-time,
'Til the sun comes in.
Now Heaven's open.
Fly right in.
Waiting for night-time
'Til the sun comes in.
All through the night-time,
Let the blue sky in.
Heaven's open,
The sun comes in.
Heaven's open.
Let that blue sky in!
You know, sun comes in.
Now, heaven's open.
Fly right in.

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"Heaven's Open" as written by Mike Oldfield


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    My InterpretationSome call it fate, or destiny, there's a flood of descriptions in a multitude of media and cultures, but almost all have referance to whot this song refers to:

    That one moment, when everything falls into place. The world opens up before yeu, and it's obvious whot needs to be done, whotever it may be. The pinnacle of one's life, whot they were born to do. No more confusion or questions, it all suddenly makes sense.

    The song confused me for ages, especially the "zero hour" part, and the "Heaven's open" sections, but I think I've got it now.

    Zero hour being almost like a countdown; 5 4 3 2 1 0; when yeu finally hit 0, it's when everything happens. Be it blast off, literal or figurative as the case may be, or the moment of truth of whether yeu make it or break it.

    Heaven's open being less about heaven in the literal sense, but more figuratively; the concept of perfection, be it beauty or knowledge, it's the final goal to strive for from yeur entire life. Many people spend their whole lives chasing the keys to heaven's gate, to earn a place in paradise, others seek personal accomplishments, a name in the history books, so many things, but it's all the same thing in the end in a figurative sense - the final goal. When yeu attain it, yeu can die happy.

    It's a powerful song however yeu want to take it, but considering the lyrics of most of his songs, and the way it's being used here, I doubt it's actually a religious song despite the normal association with heaven and such.
    Katsunion August 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's very much a spiritual song with shades of religious belief. It's a powerfully vitalistic and lifely song, a chant to life. It's almost like the narration of a peak moment in life. And Mike Oldfield sings superbly.
    Orabidooon May 27, 2013   Link

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