"Procession" as written by and Stephen Paul David/hook Morris....
There is no end to this
I have seen your face
But I don't recognize all these things
You must have left behind
It's a problem, you know
That's been there all your life
I try to make you see the world without a view
That just turn black and white
At night it gets cold and
You'd dearly like to turn away
The escape that fills
That makes you want to turn on heel
Alone, alone, alone, alone

There is no end to this
I can't turn away
Another picture but the scene
Is still the same
There is no room to move
Or try to look away
Remember, life is strange
The life keeps getting stranger every day
I try so hard but this attitude's
A type that won't subside
No matter what they say
Remember your heart beats you day at night
Your heart beats you day at night
Your heart beats you day at night
Your heart beats you day at night

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"Procession" as written by Peter Hook Stephen Paul David Morris

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    General CommentThese lyrics are inexcusably wrong.

    an escape that fails
    & makes the wounds that time won't heal
    alone, alone, alone

    a mass of harmless attitudes,
    a type that won't subside.
    no matter what they say
    you knew your heart beats you
    late at night
    your heart beats you late at night (x3)

    I believe the song is an attempt to reach out to an overly depressed person (perhaps at the point of suicide). The singer knows of the hardships that this person lives with, though loves them too much to live without them, so tries to show them while life is strange & unbearable sometimes, it'd be even more unbearable if that person weren't around.
    dy;sphoriaon July 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree, sounds like it's about someone who is depressed/suicidal.
    Somaliveon January 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is quite possibly the most beauitufl song I've ever heard. To me, it means that the singer is deeply in love with someone and their life but critisises their problems (which could be the reason s/he loves them - the whole "loneliness is lovely" thing). In my experience, I used this song when I was in love with a friend of mine who already had a boyfriend, and I didn't know if I liked what she was doing with her life, and her reasons for being combined to the guy of her choice. I couldn't get the image of them together out of my head ("Another picture but the scene / it's still the same /there is no room to move / or try to look away") and eventually.. yeah.
    restin256on December 29, 2004   Link
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    General CommentHate to say it, but it sounds like it's about Ian Curtis. Perhaps the title is taken from JD's "The Eternal":

    "Procession moves on, the shouting is over
    Praise to the glory of loved ones now gone"

    Though the song is dedicated to him, New Order proceeds?

    The first verse especially could be about Ian.

    Also, the lyric is "Your heart beats you LATE at night". That mix-up is everywhere and makes no sense!
    hahacharadeon December 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentMost of New Order's first album "Movement" was centered around Ian. Most Critics say they were in a shell-shock period, not knowing where to really go. This songs easily about Ian as well.
    Staticburn89on August 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song makes me feel so weird I almost can't even listen to it. At the same time i love it so much. It's so depressing sounding but at the same time so freaking hip.

    To me the song is about someone who you love and either its not working out or they are doing bad. I used to listen to this song sometimes and think of someone I knew who was ruining their life hardcore with drugs, and also my own drug use and life. It about someone you love perishing but how at the same time life is strange for everyone...and this persons problems somehow make your own more real.

    the emotion that this song brings to me is unlike any other.
    mikevee33on August 22, 2007   Link
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    General Comment@dy;sphoria: thanks, these words make a lot more sense.

    a close friend took his own life, about ten years ago.

    he felt nothing could be worse than continuing to live in so much pain. ultimately he made his decision, and wouldn't have let anything stop him. before he did it, he flew to another continent so he wouldn't be within a thousand miles of those who cared about him; he was determined.

    finally you get past the usual regrets: feeling you ought to have been able to prevent it somehow, survivor's guilt, anger at being left alone etc.

    even so, and despite the passage of time, it changes you irrevocably.

    somehow this song is deeply sad and yet comforting.
    foreverdroneon December 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI believe that this song is about Ian Curtis, his epilepsy,death and funeral
    healearchon August 02, 2010   Link

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