I’m all right
Tell me you’re all right
Almost there
Barely here

I knew that this day would have come
Wailing on the wall
Watching giants fall
I know there’s a message to receive
Written in debris
It's meanings hard to see

The loss of innocence means nothing in the new world
All our hands are red
Everyone is guilty now

I’m alright, tell me you’re alright
Stop my eyes, open wide

Another idiot glued to the box
Frozen to the screen
Scared to turn it off
Quiet shock gives way to righteousness
Rattle on the bars
Vengeance will be ours
Fanatics on their knees pray for a swift and just revenge
Become what they condemn, mirror image men

Hands across America, let’s catch contact hysteria
Our flag erects from broken homes
July 4th, forever more
Colors of democracy fly from every SUV
The misspelled bumper stickers here
Where did all the honor students go?
Numbers on the news, this time with familiar names
This time on familiar ground, this reality in your backyard
So the fences fall, will you redefine them all?
Will you choose shelter or empathy?
The world we share has come too close
With borders flown from glass
We collect stones and cast them

They say the party never stops
But I know we cannot get off

Another idiot comes on the box
Breathing privileged air
Preaching to the fair
Rallying one muscle under God
Leading on the cheer
Leaning on our fears
This state of ignorance means nothing to the faithful
God is with us now
They disregard the world beyond the wall

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    General Comment9:11
    entiZon September 11, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"Colors of democracy fly from every SUV
    The misspelled bumper stickers here
    Where did all the honor students go? " this is one of my favorite lines ever. Of course this song is directed at the post-9-11 United States. "Rallying one muscle under God " is also another great line. Everyone is rallying behind vengence and falling in line with the state which could indicate a downfall.
    descendent528on March 26, 2003   Link
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    General Commentis it just me, or does anyone else think its "the party never stops" instead of "body"? anyone?
    eMptyTVon March 04, 2003   Link
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    General CommentYeah, it's about 9-11, but I keep thinking of the bullshit war on Iraq when I hear it. Can't turn CNN off, ya know?

    SexPistolMeowMixon March 22, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThose lyrics are a little screwed-up... these lyrics are from the Blaze version...

    - "Almost here" is now "Almost there"
    - "Screaming's hard to see..." is "It's meaning's hard to see"
    - "Photo's blown from glass" is "With borders blown from glass"
    - "The body never stops" is "The party never stops"

    The song is obviously about 9-11. More specifically, it disdains the widespread ignorance of the American people, who are happily complacent about everything outside of their borders, as well as the consequences of our overwhelming, "Love America or you're evil" nationalism.

    The song pretty much hits it on the head. Ever since 9-11, the American people have latched on to every word that GWB and his cabinet have said, whether it's "we deserve vengeance", "war for freedom", or the laughable rhetoric of his "Axis Of Evil" crap. We now see the world on two sides... you're either with Us or with Them. Wait - that's just like the Cold War if I'm not mistaken! First our big enemy was Communism, now Terrorism has replaced it (but unlike Communism, we have a LONG list of supporting and carrying out terrorist acts throughout the world). Such happens when your government is centered around an economy driven by perpetual war. But our incredible close-mindedness is dangerous. If you don't agree with everything our dictator says, you're an America-hater or worse, and are persecuted by your peers as such. God forbid there's proof that maybe AMERICA did something bad to instigate the attacks - no! We're Good and they're Evil! This is the thought process of the majority of Americans. Isn't it funny how childlike and simple the majority of America's perceptions about the world around them are? Anyone who's read about our typical foriegn policy around the world knows quite different.

    Basically Joey is saying that 9-11 was not just some random act of "anti-Americanism" and that there was definitely a motive behind the attacks other than the simplistic notions of "they just hate us, and we didn't do anything wrong" outlook that we Americans (predictably) took... hence, the "I know there's a message" lines. But the American people can't see the message because they're too blinded by rage and ideas of righteous vengeance. Another interesting note is how we're doing all of this in the name of God, which gives us more of a false security about our "noble" intentions for the world, hence the "Rallying one muscle under God" and the "God is with us now" lines.

    He asks us if we will continue to ignore the world around us, or use the opportunity to gain an understanding of the bigger picture, now that the "fences" are down. Sadly, we all know how this one turned out though, proven by our bombings of Afghanistan and our invasion of Iraq...

    descendent528 got it correct by saying that everyone has now aligned themselves with the majority opinion of the state, right or wrong, and that it may lead to a downfall. I should like to note that this sort of hive-mind mentality, and consensus on mass opinion and military action towards a mass external threat (anyone who may or may not harbor terrorists who may or may not destroy us in the night) is exactly the kind of behavior that the people of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Military Japan displayed before/during WWII...
    STFDood84on April 29, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis song is amazing. It's definitely my favorite off Blaze. And Blaze is my favorite Lagwagon Album, because the songwriting is so superior on this album versus the others... But it's clearly about the "christian" response to 9/11, about how a crusade began, and how they were all clamoring and bloodthirsty for revenge, hence, becoming what they once condemned. Great song...
    fateworksbothwayson July 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAlso, does anyone else hear "killers of democracy fly from every SUV"? Kinda makes sense these days...
    fateworksbothwayson July 31, 2008   Link
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    General Commentit´s a great song...and a great "comment" to 9-11
    Fabeon October 15, 2002   Link
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    General CommentJoey Cape is a hell of a singer/songwriter as well.
    descendent528on March 26, 2003   Link

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