I will
Lay me down
In a bunker
Under the ground
I won't let this happen to my children
Meet the real world coming out of your shell
With white elephants
Sitting ducks
I will
Rise up
Little babies' eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
Little babies' eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
Little babies' eyes, eyes, eyes

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I Will. (No Man's Land.) song meanings
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    General Comment:when i first heard this song in meeting people is easy (it was just the harmony part at the end of the song) the notes were so perfect and so desperate...and i thought to myself "this is the most beautiful melody i have ever heard". now that i have heard the entire song and melody that goes with the harmony...it just really tears at my heart.

    what i think this song means:
    the above comment about it being about war may very well be true. thom is very political and it seems to make perfect sence. however, when i think about the lyrics, i saw something different. the part at the end "little babies' eyes" reminded me that thom just had a child, and maybe this song is a sort of lullabye for his child. he doesnt want what happened to him to happen to his children...white elephants might have something to do with republicans.. (in my version of the song, he sings "with white elephants/ sitting ducks/ i will/ rise up") so im gonna put two ideas together.. maybe this song is about protecting your children from war. or about thom wanting to protect his child from war.

    i hope you folks could follow my thoughts...im a bit scatterbrained.
    saturnineon April 17, 2003   Link
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    My Interpretation:I've always felt that white elephants could refer to the republican party. I know this sounds kind of crazy considering the fact they are english. But the title of the album "Hail to the Theif" was inspired by the theories that George Bush "stole" the election. I don't believe the title to actually be about Bush himself, but about dictators like the one he is accused of being.
    dragonmurdereron February 24, 2014   Link
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    General Comment:ok..
    i played the song backwards, and I can make out some words, but not the same as the ones posted above...
    I wonder if I'm listening to a different song here...
    Havenon August 22, 2002   Link
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    General Comment:i downloaded the songs so im sure they are right...i dont know what you got
    rubenon August 27, 2002   Link
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    General Comment:Haven, you most likely got "Like Spinning Plates" which, insturmentally, IS this song being played backwards. The first few lines of which are sung backwards, too.
    I Am Not Amusedon April 01, 2003   Link
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    General Comment:believe it or not, i think this song is about war. "lay me down/ in a bunker/underground" = what soldiers/civilians do during war. "i won't let this happen to my childen / and / little babies' eyes" reflect the effect war can have on the youth...i'm sure the song is most likely about something else, but this is just my little interpretation..

    side note: the way thom sings "little babies' eyes" along with the background vocals has got to be one of the most beautiful parts on the CD
    PiiMPDADiion April 14, 2003   Link
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    General Comment:beautifully put, saturnine
    PiiMPDADiion April 19, 2003   Link
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    General Comment:i think white elephant is like a white elephant sale, where you donate something you dont need or dont want anymore for a cause and then somebody buys it at auction and the proceeds go to charity. but before that he says meet the real world coming out of my shell. maybe a metaphor for absurd self sacrifice and the struggles of fatherhood. a good compliment to there there?i dunno
    UnemployedDaysleepeon June 04, 2003   Link
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    General Comment:I think saturnine is right. Thom said in the NME that this is kind of a scary song about a guy who will do anything, including commit murder, to protect his family. Whether or not Thom is approving or disapproving of this idea is not clear.

    "What would I do to protect my family?" is a question a lot of people find hard to answer, and I think Thom isn't really trying to answer it in this song, but instead to convey the feeling of being absolutely sure.
    ReActoron June 07, 2003   Link
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    General Comment:just came back from a wedding, and instead of saying "i do" they said "i will" which i'm guessing is a response to the insane divorce rate, also in the song the overlapping vocals with a high voice saying "my shell" and the low voice singing "your shell" about what you leave to your children when you die and the cycles through history made by people basing their relationships on their parents mistakes. killing yourself maybe? before you even have children?
    UnemployedDaysleepeon June 21, 2003   Link

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