In pitch dark
I go walking in your landscape
Broken branches
Trip me as I speak

Just 'cause you feel it
Doesn't mean it's there
Just 'cause you feel it
Doesn't mean it's there

There's always a siren
Singing you to shipwreck
(Don't reach out, don't reach out
Don't reach out, don't reach out)
Steer away from each rocks
We'd be a walking disaster
(Don't reach out, don't reach out
Don't reach out, don't reach out)

Just 'cause you feel it
Doesn't mean it's there
(Someone on your shoulder
Someone on your shoulder)
Just 'cause you feel it
Doesn't mean it's there
(Someone on your shoulder
Someone on your shoulder)
There there!

Why so green and lonely?
Lonely, lonely?

Heaven sent you to me
To me, to me?

We are accidents waiting
Waiting to happen

We are accidents waiting
Waiting to happen

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"There There (The Boney King of Nowhere)" as written by Thomas Edward/selway Yorke

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There There. (The Boney King of Nowhere.) song meanings
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    General Comment:I think: "There There" (The Boney King of Nowhere)
    God = The Boney King of Nowhere
    There There = Thom Yorke's sympathy for the human race.

    "In pitch dark, I go walking in you landscape"=

    I trust you to guide me where I need to go.

    "Broken branches trip me as I speak"=

    you let me fall when I trusted you.

    "Just cause it feels there, doesn't mean its there"=

    god isn't there, he's just in your head.

    It's possible: Thom Yorke has searched for god for a long time and could never seem to find him and now he just thinks god doesn't exist.

    "There's always a siren, singing you to shipwreck"=
    Something calls to you and tells you this is the right way but when you get there you crash and fall.

    "don't reach out" =
    don't even listen.

    I think this song is done from a sympathetic and mournful point of view. The rest of the song is easy to figure out after the information I've supplied.

    Draw your own conclusions, This is just my interpretation.
    iluvcookieson October 11, 2004   Link
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    General Comment:This song is about not being able to trust yourself. He feels things and has desires but can't trust that they're taking him down the right path. It's like knowing you have depression. You have these dark feelings but at the same time you know a mental disorder is causing them and it's difficult to reconcile reality with what you're feeling.
    Whiskycloneon March 20, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:the saddest song radiohead have ever done

    He says we gotta walk on... but there are always rocks (troubles) in our always... there are sirens atraccting us to death, to ruin... There are always branches tripping us as us speak...

    And when the song says the just ´coz you feel doesnt mean it´s there, it´s about the plato´s cave... it´s about the doubt of reality... just ´coz you´re seeing, just ´coz you´re feeling, doesn´t mean it´s there...

    So we got troubles in ours lives, but who said this life is reality? What´s real and what´s fake? Who are we? Is this a lie?

    And in the end... we are just accidents waiting to happen... Excelente... the gratest radiohead´s song..
    *FelipeVox*on June 08, 2003   Link
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    My Interpretation:To me, this song is about trying to love someone who has depression or some other mental illness.

    In pitch dark I go walking in your landscape
    Broken branches trip me as I speak
    // I trying to understand you, but it is a constant struggle.
    // I am trying to help you, but I never find the right thing to say.

    Just because you feel it doesn't mean it's there
    // Just because you feel sadness doesn't mean the pain is real.

    There's always a siren
    Singing you to shipwreck
    // Even when you get out of your depression, you fall right back in.

    Don't reach out, don't reach out
    // Maybe I should leave you alone.
    // never ask me for help.

    Steer away from these rocks
    We'd be a walking disaster
    // Do not fall back into depression. It will hurt our relationship.

    There's someone on your shoulder
    // You are depressed.

    There there!
    // It will be okay!

    Why so green and lonely?
    // Why are you sad?

    Heaven sent you to me
    // I will make you feel better.

    We are accidents
    Waiting, waiting to happen
    // I will make you feel better.
    happyauraon May 30, 2010   Link
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    General Comment:just cause you feel it, doesnÂ’t mean it's there- classic radiohead
    boss_2kon March 31, 2003   Link
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    General Comment:Everyone sees a song through there own life, it's the only way anyone can. That said, here's my thoughs on it:
    This song's about a relationship with a fatalist.
    He's involved with somone who sees the world on it's worst terms.
    'i go walking in your landscape.
    broken branches trip me as i speak'
    He has a hard time making her understand that things arn't as bad as she sees them.
    Who hasn't fealt pessimistic and or depressed, and seen a situation they know should be simple and happy, but all they can bring up inside is lonelyness?
    'just coz you feel it doesnt mean its there.'

    'There's always a siren
    Singing you to shipwreck'
    here he's speaking to that specter in everyone's mind that sees only the worst,

    It's a constant challange when your depressed to keep an optimistic outlook on life.
    'Stay away from each rocks
    We'd be a walking disaster '

    'why so green and lonely? ...
    heaven sent you to me '
    He loves her, but she can't get it through, that he's been there as well, in the hoplesness

    'we are accidents
    waiting waiting to happen. '
    He uses we here, conveying that they are both in the same situation.
    stolencontexton June 10, 2003   Link
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    General Comment:i think the video does some justice to the true meaning of the song. everyone should check it out.

    beautiful song, i read somewhere that thom cried when he heard the album's final cut of the song.

    "there there" is a soothing, comforting thing to say, the whole song might have to do with uncomfortablness of life and with oneself. alot of the times people believe things, hear things, interpret things in ways that arent' true, in fear or anticipation. i think this song has something to do with that. "just because you feel it doesn't mean it's there" not everything you believe is true is actually true. not everything you believe is happening around is you is really happening. buyt there's really no one else who can see things for you because everyone sees things in a different light.

    if you see the video, thom is walking nervously through a thick forest, encountering tiny mice smoking
    pipes inside a tree, a frog riding a bicycle, a big family of rabbits eating dinner, and then a cat wedding. Then he stumbles upoin a clearing where there is a glowing blaser and a hidden pair of shoes on a tree. almost tempting. when he tries on the shoes and the blaser (steals them from the forest) he notices a group of black crowes and they chase after him. he is running away, and right when he's about to be pecked to death by the crowes his shoes glow he runs faster and gets away. with a face of delight, you finally see a smile on thom's face. then ironically, when he finally thinks he's away, his shoes fall off and roots grow around his feet,, he is caught by the forest and he grows into a tree. and the crowes land on his branches as you see his shrieking face inside the bark of the tree. the end.
    hail to the thief! he steals the blaser, the nice shoes tries to run away and bam right when he thinks he's lost the crowes, the forest catches him.
    i dont know where i was going with this it's late
    ill finish up tomorow
    i need to sleep on it
    but basically, due to the video, i dont think it has anything to do with a love story. too many love songs out their anyway.
    jrmoreiraon February 05, 2006   Link
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    General Comment:The best art tends to have more than one level, to mean more than one thing. And there are many different ways to read a piece of art, whether it be autobiographical or feminist or Marxist or whatever. With that condescending preamble out of the way, I've always been interested in the allegorical aspect of the song.

    Mark Lawson on The Late Review interpreted the line "Just 'cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there" as a comment on Bush's misadventures in Iraq, most likely as a reference to unfound Weapons of Mass Destruction. Clearly, the album itself is a gloomy reflection on our Bushworld but some of the lyrics within the song itself suggest, at the very least, a specific allusion to the invasion and aftermath in Iraq. In this way, Sandor was on to something when he said, "i think the song is about entering foreign territory, leaving your comfort zone."

    The first two lines summon up the image of blindly blundering into a place that isn't yours, hindered at every turn by the chaos of the environment. The siren, though usually interpreted as a sexual metaphor, can also stand for any kind of dangerous temptation. (As it happens, I also think paraluman's sexual reading has a lot to recommend it, especially when we consider the first two stanzas and the prevalence of Eros and Thanatos in art)

    "There's someone on your shoulder" suggests to me two images. Either it speaks of a paranoid or well-founded fear of being followed or, in my preferred understanding, it invokes the notion of the demon on the shoulder, urging you on to commit bad or unwise acts.

    "Why so green and lonely?" is the most intriguing line of the song. Its meaning is unclear until we consider the following line, "Heaven sent you to me". Notoriously, it was reported that Bush had said, in so many words, "God told me to invade Iraq". "Why so green and lonely?" is Bush's question to all of us. Paraphrased, "why are you so naively upset about my invasion and your powerlessness and resultant further disconnection? Iraq is my God given right".

    And so, "There There" is what you say to someone to soothe them when you don't know what to say or you don't care. In this interpretation, it becomes mocking - Bush's uninterested and unconcerned shrug of the shoulders. Finally, as has been already noted, George W. Bush is the ultimate accident waiting to happen. For all of us. These final lines suggest an abdication of responsibility.

    I always felt the ending of the video, where Yorke initially manages to get away with his theft before becoming permanently rooted in the foreign landscape, reinforced the allegory perfectly. Having said all that, it's clear to me the song's primary goal is on the level of emotional feeling rather than literal meaning. It creates a general air of lonely unease, wistful mistrust of everything - including oneself - and a gloomy fatalism. It's not difficult to see how it could lend itself to many different interpretations.
    BottleImpon May 27, 2007   Link
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    General Comment:Oh, man, oh man... Freestyle schizophrenic high talk.

    Anyways, the song reminds me of Catch-22, Yossarian's little thing in the war.
    Featherfeaton June 18, 2003   Link
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    General Comment:all i know, at 3:15, when Thom starts with "why so green and lonely..." that guitar riff is absolutely mindblowing, and then starting at 3:58 and till the end of the song, I feel is the best minute and a half of music RH has ever created.
    jmujkanoon April 25, 2004   Link

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