"Driven Like The Snow" as written by and Andrew Taylor....
Still night, nothing for miles,
White curtain come down,
Kill the lights in the middle of the road
And take a look around...
It don't help to be one of the chosen
One of the few, to be sure
When the wheels are spinning around
And the ground is frozen through, and you're
Driven, like the snow
Pure in heart
Driven together
And given
Away to the west
A white dress
Till the river don't run
A black dress
Looking like mine
Till the sun don't shine no more
Where the sky meet the ground
Where the street fold 'round
Where the voice you hold don't
Make no sound, look
Snow on the river and two by two
Took a lot to live a lot like you, I don't
Go there now, but I hear they sung
Their "fuck me And marry me young"
Some wild idea and a big white bed, now
You know better than that, I said,
Like a voice in the wind blow little crystals down
Like brittle things will break before they turn
Like lipstick on my cigarette
And the ice get harder overhead
Like think it twice but never never learn...

And the mist will wrap around us
And the crystal, if you touch it...
And the cars
Lost in the drift
Are there
And the people that drive
Lost in the drift
Are there
And the cares
I've lost in the drift
Are there
Theirs, ours,
Lost in the drift
Driven together
And driven

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"Driven Like the Snow" as written by Andrew Taylor

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    General Comment"Driven like the snow" c.f. "and the cost of the blood on the driven snow" from Nine While Nine . Both songs are about the defilement of purity. Snow is used primarily as an image of purity, though it may also represent frigidity and drugs. Both DLTS and NWN were inspired by the break up of Eldritch's one and only love affair.

    "Kill the lights in the middle of the road"

    c.f. "Then he killed the lights in a lonely lane"
    -Leonard Cohen, The Master Song
    (from the LP The Songs of Leonard Cohen )

    "It don't help to be one of the chosen"

    c.f. "Where the chosen hold the highest card/On the field of honour where the ground is hard" from `Under the Gun'. It's interesting to compare the difference in attitude of the two songs; in DLTS the chosen is clearly a victim, whereas UtG's chosen is very much the aggressor. This is symptomatic of a general shift in Eldritch's lyrics post- Vision Thing .

    "One of the few, to be sure"

    Note the positioning of the comma, implying two ways of reading the line.

    "When the wheels are spinning around"

    c.f. "And the we'll turn round..." from This Corrosion .

    "And given/Away to the west"

    Obvious double meaning: "given away " in the sense that a bride is given away, and "given a way to the west" in the sense that going west is seen as an escape to freedom. The latter is particularly ironic given the album's strong condemnation of `western' values.

    "Where the street fold round"

    c.f. "Where the street fold round and the motors start/And the idiot wields the power" from Under The Gun .

    "two by two/Took alot to live alot like you"

    According to the song the animals went into Noah's ark two by two. See the note above on Floodland for the significance of Noah's ark and the biblical flood. This is also a comment on the difficulty Eldritch found in conforming to the idea of being part of a couple.

    "Some wild idea and a big white bed"

    The (currently unreleased) Sisters track Come Together has a line "Some wild idea and a big black bomb".

    "Like lipstick on my cigarette...like think it twice but never never learn..."

    c.f. "And the lipstick on my cigarettes/Frost upon the window pane" from Nine While Nine . Heartbreaking.

    laurelinwyntreon October 16, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"think it twice but never never learn..."
    in the context of a song about a lost relationship (Took a lot to live a lot like you) this is one of the most heartbreaking lines ever recorded.
    mejoffon April 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThere's a phrase, "Pure as driven snow", which is a rather British sarcastic barb about the Purity of a person. Eldritch even mentions purity and alludes to it with the whole marry me and white bed.
    So maybe the song is a sarcastic affair towards a certain person?
    xdvron July 07, 2005   Link
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    Song MeaningNo doubt many hidden meanings but the song was inspired by a car crash in the snow that Eldritch was involved in.
    starchiefon October 20, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI was impressed by that line as well.
    paintedbirdon July 23, 2014   Link

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