"Run Run Away" as written by and Jim Lea Noddy Holder....
I like black and white (dream in black and white)
You like black and white
Run, Runaway

See chameleon
Lying there in the sun
All things to everyone
Run, Runaway

If you're in the swing (money ain't everything)
If you're in the swing
Run, Runaway

If you gotta crush (don't beat about the bush)
When I gotta crush
Run, Runaway

Oh now can't you wait (love don't come on a plate)
Oh now can't you wait
Run, Runaway

See that chameleon
Lying there in the sun
All thanks to everyone
Run, Runaway

Run, Runaway
Run, Runaway
Run, Runaway

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    General CommentThe biggest problem with this song, on this site, is that the song is NOT titled "Run Run Away" Rather, on the LP, and all releases, it is titled "Run Runaway" So the Run is not a double emphasis of Run, but more a direction for someone that IS a runway (from what, we don't know) to run again. That what they are finding is ephemeral, and still not the Black and White/real and solid world they can stay with.
    Jindaion October 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe song has the narrator speaking to another person the "runaway" of the title. The narrator is mocking the "runaway" for running away from risks in life. It's an ironic way of advising someone NOT to "run away" from taking risks and making commitments.

    The narrator relates to the subject of the song in that they both like things clearly laid out in black and white. But the subject is a chameleon and runs away when things are not black and white. "dreaming of black and white"= the subject is a dreamer, head in the clouds, wishing everything to be clearly laid out and simple. Narrator can relate to that, but thinks the subject is doing too much dreaming and not enough actual pursuing of what the subject wants.

    the way narrator sees it, the subject runs away from problems, risks, or commitments, such as when money starts running low ("in the swing") or rather than pursue a crush ("don't beat around the bush"), or rather than commit to a relationship ("can't you wait") that might lead to love ("love don't come on a plate"). The narrator mocks the subject: go on, run away like you always do.

    When he says "see chameleon lying there in the sun?" he's comparing the subject to the chameleon, i.e. narrator is saying to the subject: see that lizard? first its lying in the sun, trying to be all things for everyone but then suddenly it runs away rather than pursuing what it wants for itself. that's what you're like. go on, run runaway, like the chameleon.

    mliem411on July 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is what i think the song means:

    These two people think in similar terms. They see the world in black and white. However he is warning the person(girl?) he is talking to, to stay away from people who try to be everything. These chameleons (probably a rich boyfriend) don't have a backbone, change with the wind, and can't be trusted. You can never truly see who they are.

    Though this "chameleon" may be rich, money doesn't mean much when you are lying in a swing with the person you really love.

    This is where it gets tricky. I think this person has a crush on this girl, and he is telling himself not to beat aroudn the bush and tell her. She, liking this rich man, expects everything (including love) to fall in her lap with little waiting and work. He is trying to tell her, love is not an object you can just take when you please. Love finds you.

    He wants this girl to leave the chameleon.

    I could be totally off base, I am trying to understand the song better. I love how the artist uses black and white in contrast to a chameleon. To understand that, is to understand the song.
    Octangon August 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWhat it means to me:
    (I like black and white (dreaming of black and white) You like black and white Run run away)
    **black and white are opposites, probably good & evil, right & wrong. He likes it when it is a sure thing and there is no gray area. Something is either right, or it is wrong, Since that rarely is the case though, he can just dream about it that way.

    (See chameleon Lying there in the sun All things to everyone Run run away)
    ** The chameleon is the gray area. People see things from their own perspective. It may be one color from one direction and a different color from another. But you know what is right, so Run away from the confusion.

    (If you're in the swing (money ain't everything) If you're in the swing Run run away)
    **Swing of life I think this means. Like "I got the swing of it" If you're following your heart you'll be in the swing of life, not care so much about money, and can run away from the confusion.

    (If you gotta crush (don't beat about the bush) When I gotta crush Run run away Oh now can't you wait (love don't come on a plate) Oh now can't you wait Run run away)
    **Follow your heart, don't let all the factors and possibilities keep you back, go for it, damn the torpedoes, all that.
    Foxcubon January 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm gonna guess at this one. I'm imagining that the chameleon is love (All things to everyone) and that when it comes to you, you should let it 'run away' with you. Money, time, and self are less important.
    groupingon June 20, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI think I've figured out what this song is about...It's right there in the very first verse...

    "I like black and white (dreaming of black and white)
    You like black and white"

    What does liking what's black and white mean? It means we like things that are spelled out to us, things we are sure of things w no gray areas...

    "See there chameleon
    Lying there in the sun
    All things to everyone
    Run run away"

    A chameleon is something that changes its color depending on the setting, in other words, it's not predictable, not spelled out and confusing...so what do we do when confused and uncertain? We run away...

    He makes several references to love...
    "If you gotta crush (don't beat about the bush)"

    I believe the main message of this tune is if you have feelings about someone don't be afraid to put it out there and face and uncertain response on the other parties part...that you have to be willing to risk
    alassnsaneon June 20, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIn my list of best tunes from the 1980's, this is on the list...run runaway. Crank this song whenever you hear it in your car. It perfectly blends the synthesizer, electric fiddle, and that shredding electric guitar into one perfectly blended concoction. All in all, it's one of the best songs from one of the worst decades in music.
    OpinionHeadon August 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentPlease correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I get out of it:

    I love black and white (dreaming of black and white) means boy or girl. (gay or straight)

    See chameleon lying there in the sun means someone who is ready and goes either way. (gay or straight, boy or girl)

    All things to everyone means A: (all things) anything you like goes with B: any gender you like, boy or girl, gay or straight (the chameleon lying in the sun)

    Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE this song! And I certainly hope I did not violate the terms and conditions of this site, but THAT is what I THINK that song is about!!! I just HOPE I'm wrong!

    The reason why I think that is because I was rerecording the song in my home recording studio and when I was singing laying the vocal tracks down I was feeling a little creepy about the song!!!!!
    shredlightningon December 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOh, and I didn't even mention the "love don't come on a plate" and "if you got a crush" and so on. . .
    shredlightningon December 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOne of the greatest 80's songs. Nuff said.
    Ummagumma69on March 29, 2008   Link

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