Hand in mine, into your icy blues
And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway
With this trunk of ammunition too
I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets

I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know just how much you mean to me
And after all the things we put each other through

And I would drive on to the end with you
A liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full
And I feel like there's nothing left to do
But prove myself to you and we'll keep it running

But this time, I mean it
I'll let you know just how much you mean to me
As snow falls on desert sky
Until the end of everything
I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know how much you mean
As days fade, and nights grow
And we go cold

Until the end, until this pool of blood
Until this, I mean this, I mean this
Until the end of...

I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know how much you mean
As days fade, and nights grow
And we go cold

But this time, we'll show them
We'll show them all how much we mean
As snow falls on desert sky
Until the end of every...

All we are, all we are
Is bullets I mean this
All we are, all we are
Is bullets I mean this
All we are, all we are
Is bullets I mean this
All we are, all we are
Is bullets I mean this

As lead rains, will pass on through our phantoms

Forever, forever
Like scarecrows that fuel this flame we're burning
Forever, and ever
Know how much I want to show you you're the only one
Like a bed of roses there's a dozen reasons in this gun

And as we're falling down, and in this pool of blood
And as we're touching hands, and as we're falling down
And in this pool of blood, and as we're falling down
I'll see your eyes, and in this pool of blood
I'll meet your eyes, I mean this forever

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    General Commenti think gerard way's a brilliant lyricist and this song is a pure example of his lyrical prowess. his muse surely was influenced by today's artistic culture of vampire, horror, and romantic/violent cult classics, and his metaphors are twisted beautifully into his landscapes resulting in near perfection interperting today's society with his own relationship experiences.
    bullets are the nasty words and things we say to each other to shoot each other down, in anger and hate.
    shot down until the relationship is dead. how smart we think we are by our relationship dialogue, always having a sharp, snappy comeback, put down artistry, verbal abuse, just plain hate that eventually replaces the love and caring you show each other in the beginning. that's the trunk of ammunition. the beginning is the feeling of the relationship in the beginning. the end of the song is when the relationship dies. i love his reference to scarecrows, because anger is an emotion that stems from fear. and though the relationship dies, he will always love her.
    reebliteon April 06, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthe way gerard sings this song is so amazing. it's my favorite. it's so dramatic and powerful in it's own unique way. to me this song is about him and a girl, and all he wants to do is prove himself to her (and i feel like there's nothing left to do but prove myself to you) even if it means dying (i'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets; and we go cold)

    great song.
    xFirelightxon December 11, 2009   Link
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    General CommentGreatest song...anyways...
    i think that this song is about a relationship that never works out. He is obsessed so much with this love, that he would do anything for her to show his devotion, even if it means death. "We'll show them all how much we mean, as snow falls on desert sky"-this shows that he knows the relationship will not work, just as snow cannot fall in the desert.

    Great song..fits rite in with my life.

    P.S. Thrice is the best band ever.
    x1llusnOfSafetyxon September 24, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAll we are is bullets, I mean this... all we are is to be used up and thrown away, maybe...
    thehealthyalternativeon December 09, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningTo me, this song is abt a man who would kinda do anything for a girl that he loves..and if it means running away from every thing he knew just to be with her he would..And not even death would separate them cause they would die together..
    Kinda reminds me of Romeo && Juliet ...
    But MCR is the effing bomb....One of the BEST THERE IS!!!
    ChirniciaxXon July 20, 2010   Link
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    Memory This song has always brought back memories of an ex of mine. She and I had split up and gotten back together about 3 or 4 times. Although we had never physically hurt each other, we've left each other very emotionally scarred. To me this song is about a relationship like that, where all they do if fight, hurt each other, and leave, only to stick with it more again. I do believe the song meant that the man would undoubtedly die with or for this girl, and I would've for her, no matter how bad things got.

    Without any frame of reference or connection to this song, I don't think anyone could adequately interpret its meaning. You gotta live this in order to fully appreciate its depth and emotional tidal waves.
    Gir101on June 30, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think you kids read too much into songs. This song - like Early Sunsets Over Monroeville - is probably about a movie. Natural Born Killers, Kalifornia or something along those lines. I haven't seen either in awhile so I can't be certain.
    charlesbronsonon October 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAt first I thought this was about Bonnie and Clyde, but if you read the credits in the cd, it's actually to some girl to make up for all the songs he wrote about killing her hehe..
    Sillenon March 04, 2003   Link
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    General Commenthaha ya but actually sillen he also gerard admitted that he wrote it to the girl but also as an ode to those who would die for each other those who would risk life and limb for thier love even if it was just to die with them...and yes its a mix of influence from bonnie and clyde, natural born killers, and a really underground flick called married by bloodshed its fucking amazing...gerard is nutz and awesome

    thrice sux
    StarsLeadOurWay3on March 06, 2003   Link
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    General Commentfirst of all this song is fucking great, i am going to have to agree with the first guy about what this song means, and you can never read into a song too much, if your gonna listen to a song and not care about the meaning of it then you might as well go listen to some destiny's child or n'sync. I saw these guys live a few weeks ago in Chicago and they were fucking awesome!!!!! Not quite as good as Something Corporate but their getting there.
    something_finchon March 07, 2003   Link

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