Is it weakness, or is it love?

Or just amusement when you're bored?

You've forgotten what I look like

But I won't be ignored

Heaven knows I couldn't stand it

When I first saw Your face

Better finish what you started

Cuz there's no way out

Can you feel the burning feel the twisting and the turning

Can you feel your stomach churning gonna get you without warning

While you sweat it out, sweat it out

Throat is getting tighter, While your face is getting whiter

While your mouth is getting drier Can't escape it Can't deny it

And there is no way out

Heaven knows i could forgive ya but I won't not, not today

Bow your head down, say a prayer

Cuz it's time to sweat it out

Is it heaven? Or is it hell? Or is this what you call a life?

You always think your so very clever,

Razor sharp just like a knife

Heaven knows I could destroy ya

But I wont not, straight away

Gonna hang out, watch you suffer

Gonna watch you sweat it out

Can you feel the fire now the flames are licking higher

Gonna stretch you like a wire gonna touch you gonna burn you

While you sweat it out, sweat it out

Music's pumping harder and the air is getting thinner

While the rhythm's getting louder and the light is getting dimmer

And there is no way out

Heaven know's it's not the first time

But it's the last time you'll laugh

Bow your head down say a prayer

Cuz it's time to sweat

Heaven knows it's not the first time

Gonna watch you sweat

You won't be the loser for the last time

You'll be the loser for the first time

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    MemoryI notice that you are still suppurating your repellant hypocrisy over something that happened soo long ago (I attribute this to the distinct possibility that nothing of note has happened to you since, and that was the last time you felt alive, felt anything real...)That "Heavy scene" that intruded upon your cosseted upper class colonial existance must have left quite an impression.
    Frankly, Meg, you disgust me.Talk about cheap shots.
    The words "pious", "judgemental", "self satisfied" and "smug" (-for no particular reason I can discern)spring to mind but I'll stick with "phoney".
    The hypocrisy you display in your "lyrics" is beyond risible. You, Meg are every bit the true psychological/emotional bully.
    And by the way you septic tank, I dont have any "heros" or "gurus"...Like the man said-"They're all rubbish".

    kopfjaeger9mmon October 07, 2010   Link

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