"Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 2)" as written by and Y Pickens David A Sheats....
Somebody hit me the other day, for a rendezvous
Was it the bitch that fucked the Goodie, and the Dungeon Crew
Let's say her name was Suzy Skrew, cause she screwed a lot
Making a nigga hit that chonk, at legitimate spots
Not no parks, backseats or things of that nature
Had to hate ya player, I'm dicking the ho down never said I paid her
Straight laid her, slayed the bitch like Darth Vader, made her
From College Park and Fayette, all the way down to Decatur
Like Jada, her wig was sharp and sporty, that was shorty
Safe as a snake on eggs in a Beamer 840
It's foggy, I went to the crib to call her but she lost me
My baby mamma beeped seven o'clock it's gonna cost me
But I still wanna cut her though, maybe she had to work
I caught her in the mall, wearing a real tight skirt
She was, fine as fuck, I wanted to sex the ho up
She said, "Let's hit the parking lot so I can sick your duck"
I said, "Cool, I really wanted to cut you but this'll do
I gotta pick up my daughter plus my baby mamma beeped me too"
She said she understood then everything was kosher
I gave her a Lil' Will CD, and a fuckin poster, it's like that now

It's like that now, you better go on and get, the hump, up out your back now
It's about four, or five, cats off in my 'Llac now
We just, shoot, game in the form of story rap now
It's like that now, it's like that now

Now Suzy Skrew had a partner named Sasha, Thumper
I remember her number like the summer
When her and Suzy yeah they threw a slumber
Party but you can not call it that cause it was slummer
Well it was more like spend the night
Three in the morning yawning dancing under street lights
We chilling like a villain and a nigga feeling right
In the middle of the ghetto on the curb, but in spite
All of the bullshit we on our back staring at the stars above (aww man)
Talking bout what we gonna be when we grow up
I said what you wanna be, she said, "Alive"
It made me think for a minute, then looked in her eyes
I coulda died, time went on, I got grown
Rhyme got strong, mind got blown, I came back home
To find lil' Sasha was gone
Her mamma said she with a nigga that be treating her wrong
I kept on singing my song and hoping at a show
That I would one day see her standing in the front row
But two weeks later she got found in the back of a school
With a needle in her arm, baby two months due, Sasha Thumper

It's like that now, you better go on and get, the hump, up out your back now
It's about four, or five, cats off in my 'Llac now
We just, shoot, game in the form of story rap now
It's like that now, it's like that now

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"Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 1)" as written by Y Pickens David A Sheats

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Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 2) song meanings
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    General CommentAt first glance this song is about the apocalypse ("Mamma Earth is dyin", "thinkin I see four horsies", etc.), but I think its actually just about being really high and paranoid. Like for example "the sky is electric blue" is not exactly cause for alarm. The "All's well, nothing's well" part makes sense in this context too.
    swheeleron January 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWell, I'd like to think that Outkast would not name a song "Art of storytelling" simply to have the story be about getting high. I think they are a more intellectual group than that.

    I do think your first suggestion, Apocalypse, is right. I think the line "The Sky is electric blue" Is referring to lightning lighting up the sky.
    donniev86on June 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI agree that they are intellectual, and this is a very intelectual song, but I also think they definitely have a sense of humor.
    swheeleron August 14, 2005   Link
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    General Commentpart 2 kicks part 1's ass. They both good though. AND for once, i prefer big's verse to dre.
    hadiahmedon April 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAnd it is about earths destruction
    hadiahmedon April 06, 2006   Link
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    General Commenteven if this song is just about getting high thats fine, getting high can be a story. Getting high can also be a very intellectual experience
    waldo0788on January 27, 2008   Link
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    General Commentdre's verse is the hardest thing anyone ever spit, ever.
    iamsoupcombuston May 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe final 5 lines in 3k's verse are referring to his story in DAOST part 1. This whole apacolyptic scene seems to all tie in to a greater story. What I hear from his emotion, is that he's finally had enough with all the mistreatment of women and it's pushed him beyond his limits.
    c4m3r0non November 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI definitely think its about the state of the Earth, not about getting high: "Mamma Earth is dyin and cryin because of you. Rainin cats and jackles all shackles disintegrate, to residue. Silly mortals haven't a clueas to what the fuck is goin on." Pretty straight forward. Saying the "sky is electric blue" shouldn't be taken as a drug reference, if you look at the surrounding lines and what the song is trying to say a drug reference would be out of context. I think its Dre giving us the visuals of terrible weather.

    "I'm on the telephone, dialin the Dungeon." I think the "dungeon" is their studio. Dre's callin Big and tellin him to bring the MP and SP, which are samplers, to the center of the earth. They're gonna save the Earth with their songs.

    "Omega Nigga IFO's are landin in Decatur". IFO = Identified Flying Object. I think what Dre is saying is we know whats wrong with the world/environment, so lets fix it. "Rapin her heavenly body like a hoe, coochie so..." this and the next lines are saying how much we take from the earth and we don't give it respect in return.

    On to Big Boi's lines...
    "The sky is fallin nobody ballin they done gave back they guns for some tickets to the playoffs but the Hornets they won". The earth is in bad shape and no one cares. We arent fighting to fix things ("they gave back their guns) instead we're occupied with material things (for some tickets to the playoffs).

    "Nigga we SLUM, kept all the guns, I gotta protect my family": Big isn't saying he literally has guns and he'll shoot someone etc., hes saying he's in the fight to save the planet.

    "Him comin now, fuck that money now, I ask my honey how she feeling and is Jordan okay, yeah yeah she's chillin". God (Him) returned to earth, fuck material shit, is his girl and Jordan (Big's daughter) okay.

    "I'm thinkin I see four horses but I don't though". Definitely a reference to the four horsemen of the apocalypse (google it). "Nigga you WON'T know, until it's on ya"
    cteddyon July 26, 2011   Link
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    General CommentAlso, "I'm thinkin I see four horses but I don't though... All the weed smell like ammonia". One of the four horses represents Famine and one of the byproducts of plant decay is ammonia.
    cteddyon July 26, 2011   Link

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