in that dream I recall pieces of prisons, I'm escaping
in the next big religion I do the cross thing, the cross thing

which ever way the wind blows your mind in time I'm nine our lives unwind we find the wine red or white like the days fade away a cloud of smoke blurred eyes you're always brighter in the daytime you fight it after midnight

it just seems to me it's such a joke every new walk thru life just inherits Christ you should have to prove something first something first

first prove something
you're a godfiend

in that dream I recall pieces of prisons I'm escaping
from a black hole I crawl, I crawl beneath my halo emanating

the only proof you need is that you know and today's way's divine right brainwashed overnight you shouldn't have to lose something first something first

lose something
you're a godfiend
the new cult king
yeah doing the cross thing, the cross thing

can't you see why I'm still...
why I'm still...
(repeats while fades)

can't you see why I'm still wondering if there is a dog can't you see wondering can't you see why I'm still wondering

search for signs to light the path show me the way savior send a glimpse to glance and renew my faith emerald meets the oceans blue in a shade of grey the general knows not what to do as tears run down her face

nails through hands and feet on this cedar grave atone for sin can this be can my soul be saved all alone I think too much need to believe in something real don't need this crutch because it just deceives can't you see

why I'm still search for love or war to restore disorder challenge me once more to hold my head above water drowning quick flooding in soaked through my lungs judgment day the verdicts in it seems the jury is hung

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    General CommentI think the line "it's such a joke every new walk thru life just inherits Christ" refers both to a) each new generation of Xtians, and b) to the New-Age religions and Satanisms which have borrowed a lot from Christianity (or simply reverse it), instead of coming up with something original. Hence his words "you should have to prove something first": Instead of claiming to correct where 'the others' went wrong in following god, you should base your beliefs on proofs - not just come up with a new interpretation of something which hasn't been proven in the first place (the so-called 'Word of God'). People who just take it for a given that god exists (even if they defy the traditional views of him) or that there is some 'old but lost wisdom' about the one true religion (basically what the neo-pagans believe) - those people he calls "godfiend"s. He pleads that in order to find the truth (a flawless system of belief) you first and foremost have to question everything, and proof everything which is supposed to be a part of true religion. That's why he goes: "Can't you see why I'm still wondering if there is a dog" - it's like: Heck, I don't even know that dog's for real and not some illusion. How then am I supposed to believe in some fuckin' scriptures and metaphysical stories you present me with, or even the revelation that has been given to you by a freakin' angel/demon/visionary dream at your bedside last night? ==> "need to believe in something real don't need this crutch because it just deceives" | He's only relying on himself, religion to him is a most personal thing, it's only between him and the power's that be. So he has to become his own Messiah, since nothing else can convince him. This skepticism of his is probably the hardest path to go by ("can this be can my soul be saved all alone I think too much"), so he call's it "doing the cross thing" - but that's what he has set out to do, even if it means being overwhelmed by a "search for love or war to restore disorder" by pulling down everything he thinks he already knows. This he takes to be god(or whatever might be out there)'s challenge for him: "to hold my head above water" in a sea of uncertainty. However he suffers, and this sea of uncertainty is slowly killing him "flooding in soaked through my lungs". So now he breathes uncertainty, let's it all out in this song. However, he doesn't let himself be led by "lip-service faithful" (as cylent watcher has so nicely put it), as he knows that it's unlikely that any god will let those be rewarded with anything. They are not worthy to judge his beliefs. Instead he has become his own jury, but hasn't figured it out yet so "it seems the jury is hung". He thinks there might come "judgement day" after all, so he doesn't simply dismiss god although he can't truly believe in him. [If I were God, I'd keep the best places in heaven for people like that; people who take religion seriously and search for the truth instead of just following what they are taught by some complacent suckers never questioning anything. But I guess there probably is no god at all and he's gone to all these troubles in vain.]
    Lepra Messiason April 09, 2005   Link
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    General CommentDeath_is_a_phase777:
    Has it ever occurred to you that what your feeling is a simple psychosomatic effect???? Mind over matter my friend, when you believe that dog (lol) has saved you and that you "feel his love" your feeling the effects of saratonin and endorphins! If you say you're being watched over, you have tricked your mind (or your mind tricked you) into getting a feeling of "being watched." And besides how can you say he is wrong? All you believe in is mind tricks and fiction tales. Did you know that the new testament is missing a bunch of books? It's called Apocrypha. The new testament's books were put together merely for political reasons. Nothing more. And btw, a lot of the Bible's stories were taken from older pagan traditions and folklore. And Jesus wasnt the first to die and come back to life after 3 days. It's all happened before. LIES LIES LIES.
    jpr227on April 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentScot Edgell sings "the in that dream I recall pieces of prisons, I'm escaping
    in the next big religion I do the cross thing, the cross thing" part, not Nothing
    GhostWishingon April 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think this means- "In the next life i am something big, i make the difference, no one can stop me and no one knows what to do"
    pyrod5x5xon May 06, 2004   Link
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    General Commentit means he is looking for a thing to believe in and has resorted to cult worship and he knows it is not what he wants to do because there is no use for cults anymore, he kills himself to see what is going to happen thats why it sounds like a plane spiraling down at the end
    pigbenis666on November 12, 2004   Link
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    General Commentkeep in mind religion derives from cults
    I think he's saying that the heavenly messiah is no more than a guy who knew when and what to speak
    Also seems like he's frustrated because salvation isn't earned, its given to lip-service faithful with no real intelligence or conviction
    cylent watcheron February 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think this is another song in which he questions his faith. In this song though he attacks religion more. Particularly Christianity. The line "it just seems to me it's such a joke every new walk thru life just inherits Christ you should have to prove something first" obviously points directly at Christianity and ridicules it for the fact that it is inherently passed on to the new generations without the children usually being unable to choose or even look at other religions without having this biased opinion of Christianity forced upon them. It shouldnt just be accepted by these generations that Christianity is the truth...Christianity should have to prove something to the individual before being accepted.

    He calls Christianity and anyone who forces it on an individual a godfiend.

    He states that the only proof you need is that you know. I believe this to mean that when questioning faith and whether or not you believe in something it is nearly impossible to prove something so the only proof comes from the individual knowing something. Only if you truely know something can you not question it. We automatically assume Christianity as the divine right and its almost brainwashed upon the younger generations. Theyre losing out on the chance to figure things out for themselves.

    The new cult king...atleast i believe is calling the person a leader of a mindless mass that has been brainwashed into believing in something. Stereotypically not necesarily truthfully but sterotypically a cult is just that. A mindless mass following some false idol. And by Christianity basically brainwashing this belief into the minds of children it is becoming a stereotypical cult.

    Dog obviously refers to god, and is a reference to Mushroomhead's song 43 where he speaks of god and a dog and so on. He is stating that with all this brainwashing of Christianity with the way they approach spreading their beliefs is it any wonder why he questions any faith in Christianity.

    Then Jmann starts almost pleading i guess for his savior whoever it may be to show him the actual answers. To save him from this grey world where he cant see the true beauty of it because he is stuck where everything is dull. Its almost as if hes drowning and being challenged to keep his head above the water ...waiting to find the answers. Then the truth hits him...there are no answers and there never will be.

    just my opinion...
    UnrealsKYon January 27, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"In the next big religion, I'll do the cross thing"

    Those words are very strong, explaining that when religion is in full swing, he'd rather be a heretic and belive what he wants than to conform to the masses. In other words, he's questioning if religion is really feaseable, since its done so much killing in the past, is it really worth believing in God if it means dying for someone you'll never see? And don't give me that metaphysical bullshit, if you can't see them, then they're not there. I'm still wondering if there's a reality inside this puppetshow of religion and brute strength between powers. Somebody show me the real truth between life and faith, lest I be misguided between false Gods. Thats pretty much how it works.
    joeynobodyon June 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGREAT SONG, glad it was reposted with line breaks. The meaning is obvious and very well written.
    andyman82on March 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about Christianity as many of you have pointed out. Here's my interepretation of how.

    The song is called The New Cult King, I feel that this refers to the singer's idea of creating a new religion. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek and sarcastically. An imagined future.
    In the next big (I thought he said fake) religion, I do the cross thing. I think this refers to being like Jesus. The cross thing represents martyrdom, the startup of any new religion.
    Godfiend refers to a Christian's need/desire to believe in God. They fiend for it. They can't handle life without believing in God, therefore they do and never shake loose from it.
    The parts about inheritance and proving something have been explained by UnrealsKY.
    The rest of the song I consider to be just the quick thoughts in the stream of consciousness that one encounters while questioning religion.
    Androgyneon April 23, 2013   Link

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