Someone's knockin on my kitchen door
leave the wood outside
what all the girls here are freezing cold
leave me with your Borneo
I don't need much to keep me warm

don't stop now what you're doing
what you're doing my ugly one
Bring them all here
hard to hide a hundred girls in your hair
it won't be fair if I hate her
if I ate her
you can go now

You're already in there
I'll be wearing your tattoo
you're already in there

Got a cloud sleeping on my tongue
he goes then it goes
and kiss the violets as they're waking up

leave me with your Borneo
leave me the way I was before

You're already in there
I'll be wearing your tatoo
I'm already in circles and circles and circles again
the girl's in circles and circles got to stop spinning
circles and circles and circles again
thought I was over the bridge now

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    General Comment"..there's a wonderful acceptance in Cloud On My Tongue, an acceptance of being in circles and circles again. That's its whirlpool vat. It all leads to that. --I travel a lot around the world, and I went to all sorts of places, and I ran in to different people. Borneo had something that I didn't have. It was a very free, hot, jungly place, and the people that, or a person that came from there, had something that I didn't have that I desperately wanted, which was this no rigidity. When I say Leave the wood outside, what, all the girls here are freezing cold, leave me with your Borneo...Or don't leave me with your Borneo, because I've had it before, and that's why I need the wood, because it just -- you can go now, you're already in there, whether it's pregnant or whether it's just infused. You don't even have to hang around and watch me disintegrate, because you've already done your job. You've already accomplished what you wanted, which was another scalp on your belt, and you did it. That's not one of my more favorite men songs."
    [Tori Amos, The Baltimore Sun, 1994]

    merchantpierceon May 04, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAbout thinking that you've made it, only to find out that you're actually just going in circles - "Thought I was over the bridge now". The girl in the song wanted to get through this without getting hurt, but she's already infected with the cancer of her situation, she's already scarred (or "tattooed") by what's happened to her. And yet she can't stop getting herself back into the same mess. Gorgeous.
    braille16on June 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI have a VERY close and personal relationship with this song, perhaps more than Tori's other songs...and I think it's HER most intensely personal piece after Little Earthquakes. But it develops a remarkable intensity in an abstract, as opposed to confessional, manner.

    Basically, it's a song about emotional dependency. The "Borneo" is the state of passion and love. Meanwhile, the "wood outside" is her former lover's (or lover who cheats) love, which creates the steamy passion of the "Borneo". When her lover comes back, she wishes not for him (telling him to "leave the wood outside"), but simply for the feeling that he has created: of love, even though he has hurt her deeply.
    The second verse ("Don't stop now what you're doing...") is perhaps a response to his arrival at the "kitchen door": she is no longer sensitive to his infidelity, and in order to affirm her invulnerability, she tells him to continue with his current dalliances.
    The line "You're already in there" means that she no longer needs him in his actuality in order to be loved; she has internalized their past love, and so no longer needs his hurtful actual presence. However, she acknowledges that she's still in love with him, and forever marked by his love, when she says "she'll be wearing (his) tattoo." In other words, she no longer needs his lovemaking or direct affection, because he now exists inside of her.
    His arrival has disturbed her status quo state of being in love with him, but unhurt by him more directly, because he is not there to hurt her further by his actions ("leave me the way I was before.") This can also be read as a wish that they had never been in love, when her emotions were not imprisoned by him.
    Saying that she is "in circles again" repeatedly emphasizes the difficulty of breaking free from being emotionally bound to the nameless lover, as does the song's frequent repetition. Even though her lover is gone, she is still internally bound to him, and reliant on the love that he once created. The house, the physical situation in which the song takes place, doubles as a metaphor for the speaker's heart. She is "not over the bridge" from her previous dependent state, which she realizes once he arrives at her house.
    All in all, Tori at her best.
    vrocotamyon August 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song never fails to make me weak at the knees, just a beautiful song.
    SpacePupon November 15, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe hereinmyhead website had quotes indicating this song is about Anthony Kedis.
    androgybunnyon March 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about being silenced all the time. You can't be yourself and everyone is cold to you. Every day is nearly the same.

    She's also looking back on memories like "being with is borneo," "wearing his tatoo,"... but ultimately the song is about being silenced.
    cloudgirlon April 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI like it, but her quote makes no sense. A crowd of frigid girls, a realistic infatuation ("ugly" and "circles") and perhaps the tattoo is both a mark and a rhythm, like a heartbeat.
    _ellieon April 22, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"You're already in ther
    I'll be wasring your tattoo"

    These too lyrics really pull at my heart strings..ah damn it
    cut_and_bleedingon June 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAnyone who knows me knows how much I love Tori and for some reason, the first time that I heard this song I fell in love with this song. I think ye who said it said it all best. The thing that got me hooked on Tori is that shes intense incryptic. Should future generations find lyrics to her songs, they'll think we were messed in the head and there goes her own religion again. But I agree most of all with missme and the first part - 'someone's knocking on my kitchen door, leave the wood outside' is indicating that they should just leave, theyve done what they had to do and she can take it from there. Upon being used over and over, she'd clued in and wants her autonomy back, so they can ''go now''. I'd interpret her explanation, but I like my current mental state.
    Linn8379on October 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentInteresting. I assumed the "wood" was referring to the man in particular. "Leave the wood outside" - pretty clear that she wants him to go away.
    Poetic_Mystiqueon January 15, 2007   Link

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