Power calling, and the frail shall turn to dust as the power rising within the few who find the will, it grows. I know. It shows. Within the heart there's a fury and it grows. Within the eyes a deathlike calm and eye to eye we recognize our own. With death of day within the few this inversion shall bring anew that of nights that since have gone unknown.
Beyond this coil I am reaching.
Beyond your reach I send myself.
Beneath the earth beyond the sky, it grows. Extend our will silent and still as one by one we deify our own. Now heed the urge to slip inside and let them scream of patricide.
Destiny we will invent alone.

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    General Commentanother sos song no one has commented on..why! why! theyre so great..ahhh ::dazes into music::
    ivorywallson September 25, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThe dangers of power? That the strong shall thrive with their new athority while the meek are consumed by it?
    Rebbal Aceon April 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think a lot of these songs have satanic ideas motivating them. If you don't know about satanism, do some research because it isn't about sacrifices and evil. Its about how we shouldn't be servants to an imaginary god, and recognizing our own animal nature and potential. This is my interpretation of the song

    The frail turning to dust is about how believers in god can't cope with the idea that it doesn't exist and they have to rely on themselves for power. Those who have a strong enough will to accept that, can increase their power or potential.

    The inversion is referring to how Christian(most religion's really) concepts of "right" are often based on restricting natural tendencies and how satanism inverts some of those concepts to "bring anew" human nature(that of nights that since have gone unknown).

    Deifying our own- in satanism, instead of god as a sort of idol, a person aspires to be the best of their potential. They are their own gods. "Let them scream of patricide"- the people recognizing that concept and getting rid of God, in a sense killing him. "Destiny we will invent alone" is reaffirming that they don't think god is their to map out their lives and they alone are responsible.
    Tenguon March 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentTengu, what you are describing is Atheism, not Satanism.
    Rebbal Aceon October 05, 2010   Link

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