"You Little Fool" as written by and Elvis Costello....
Daddy's best girl in the world is not supposed to have a boyfriend
But she's never wanted at home
Other girls are allowed to wear their makeup
She sneaks out her lipstick powder and comb
She surrounds his name with hearts and flowers
Talks on the telephone for hours and hours
But with the bird in his hand
And two on a string
The words of love have an imitation ring

You little fool, you little fool
I suppose that your going to stay all night
You little fool
Don't look at me that way you know it isn't right
You little fool

They say no news is good news
The little girl wants information
Mother just gives her some pills to choose
And says go and use your imagination

Daddy's best girl in the world says just look what I have got
As she sits beside him on the high stool
With his arm around her neck snowball in one hand
And the other full of imitation jewels
She fingers a string of pearls
An imitation but he'll never know it
Imitation lashes flutter above
Looking for an imitation of love

You little fool
I suppose that your going to stay all night
You little fool
So don't look at me that way you know it isn't right
You little fool

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"You Little Fool" as written by Elvis Costello

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    Song MeaningA Snowball is a drink made with Advocaat. Generally drunk at Christmas. I think it is also associated with the upper middle classes.

    I agree with everything that has gone before. A spoilt girl, never wanted for anything. Her head had been turned by a boy but her father doesn't approve. Her mum doesn't care and is on Valium possibly due to the psychological pressures placed on her by her overbearing husband.

    She compares her love for this guy to the love of her parents and finds that they are very similar. Her father has showered her with gifts. The jewels might not actually be imitations but they are a representaion of a kind of love that money can buy rather than real attention.

    She can sort of tell that the guys love for her is also an imiatation. He sees other girls but keeps her sweet and she doesn;t care because she feels so good. He wants her phyiscally and she is concerned so she asks her mum for advice. She responds by recommending Valium and telling her that she needs to experiement to learn (possibly a relfecttion of her own experiences).

    All in all, a story of how inexperience in love can cause young people to do stupid things. A little slice of life almost as if Elvis floated above a town and took the lid off an average house. Describing a cliche of suburbia. Girl meets boy and pins all her hopes on him. It's going to last forever and so she's prepared to give him everything. Father tries to warn her but his anger overcomes him and he doesn;t get through to her.

    It happens everyday in a million households the world over.

    Costello is great at making something so mundane in to such a beautiful story. He has written a few songs that show an uncanny insight into the mind of a teenage girl.

    P.S. I love the video where Elvis plays the stern headmaster. Whilst the story of the video shows part of what I think this is about, I believe that there is a little more to it. The loss of innocence.
    betch252on September 05, 2012   Link
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    General Commentany idea what he meant by "snowball in one hand"?
    foreverdroneon June 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentDaddy's perfect little girl finds the guy that is going to piss her parents off the most. Mom is jaded and cynnical, dad is mad, but not enough to take any action.
    Daughter's little cry for attention is about to lead her to consequences she is unprepared for.
    What a happy little song! I like this song a lot, actually.
    Zubbyon June 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song makes "puppy love" seem so...adult...and I guess when ya get down to it, it really is.
    hangwire13on August 28, 2006   Link
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    General Commentnever mind, I think I've got it...and it wouldn't be polite to elaborate
    foreverdroneon July 29, 2008   Link

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