"Blood" as written by and Kat Bjelland....
I never thought that you'd explode through my eyes
I never ever was amused
Dear liver down on your knees
I never wanted to be alone
Good God!
I'd love to...
I had to
I never thought that you'd implode through my mind
I always wanted to be infused
I lied psychic spy
I always wanted to be alone
You are real sometimes you are unreal ceilings peel sometimes

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    General Commentwhat throws a new light on the song is that the lyrics on the peel session go like this:

    "i never thought that you'd explode through my eyes
    i never wanted this disease
    dear liver crawling on my knees, i never wanted to be alone

    good god! i'd love to flow through you"

    i think this song is about being taken advantage of while emotionally vulnerable (newly single?) and subsequently infected with something like hepatitis (having her 'blood' 'infused' with the virus, bringing her debiliated 'liver' to its 'knees-' a clue as to the mode of transmission?).
    explosion/implosion through eyes, her misplaced trust, surprise at discovery of infection and how it twists her perception of the person.
    she probably took out the reference to disease on fontanelle because it would have been too obvious, and changed the 'pass/fly/flow through you' to 'i had to' to illustrate the element of coercion.

    the surreal bridge, again on the shift in perception of the ex-lover, is beguiling, innocent, and accusing.

    "are real?
    you are real
    sometimes are unreal
    you are unreal, ceilings peel, peel, sometimes"

    the flange on the bass part gives a dreamy quality to the first few musings while the return of the stabbing, staccato guitar on the last line highlights the accusatory yet resigned, neither-here-nor-there conclusion.

    'ceilings peel, peel,
    sometimes' is as above, surreal but also evokes a bored girl staring at the ceiling during sex, which is mirrored by the line 'i never ever was amused'
    'crawling on my knees' - in submission

    n.b. again hepatitis or something like it is alluded on "memory" -- a chronic episode?

    "look what you done to me, sallowing, shallowing, yeah!" - jaundice and general debilitation the virus brings
    ivegotnoarmson June 11, 2004   Link
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    General Commentkool
    grunge girlon August 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite songs by them! My best guess is that it has to do with being abused. Whatever Kat wrote it about, I love it!
    drownnsodaon February 08, 2013   Link

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