a mask we all wear, a latex curtain stare, the flesh in rhythm through the window, skin slapping bare as the wind blows.. her makeup face is hollow with webs, her wedding vows said in bed, screaming love me at an empty head
a black river flows, the meateater bellows, in the way we all speak, like when dead houses creak, on, the liar's beak and all the youth leaking through our fingers, it's love or hate right? "oh, no the guilt of life."

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Faces Sunken By Letting Go song meanings
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    General Commentthis is about sex.

    - "a mask we all wear" is probably to hide one's life from everyone, possibly the life of being a prostitute, which becomes more evident as the song moves along.
    - "latex curtain stare" is the condom.
    - "skin slapping bare as the wind blows" the skin is the skin between the two partners, and the wind is the air between the two bodies.
    - "her makeup face is hollow with webs," probably really ugly underneath all that makeup to make her look "pretty"
    - "her wedding vows said in bed, screaming love me at an empty head" she probably has fallen in love with this guy that she was supposed to just have meaningless sex with.
    - "meateater" is a girl who freely gives head. a slut.
    - "all the youth leaking through our fingers" our youth is being victimized by the life of prostitution.
    - ""oh, no the guilt of life."" just as it says. the prostitute feels guilty about living this way.
    monticelloon September 02, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about sex but not in the terms you're thinking... in my opinion. i see it from the other's point of view rather than the prostitute's or even a prostitute's at all. the first few lines are about the act of sex happening and then it gets into the girl not being who "he" would choose to have much to do with other than sex while she has a different agenda on her mind: "her wedding vows said in bed." "screaming 'love me' at an empty head." both of these lines are insisting her seeing more than what the partner is. i see the line "the youth leaking through our fingers" merely as another statement of the act of sex, since it is a very grown up ordeal generally; possibly a virginity statement. all in all, i see it as a man taking the virginity of a girl who is in love with him but he wants nothing more than sex, thus, "oh no, the guilt of life."
    xkisstheskyxxon February 22, 2007   Link

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