Late term abortion three decades late. Be sure to empty all ten commandments into his chest. For only holy redneck terrorism can usher in the second coming of the coat-hanger.

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Treblinka song meanings
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    General Commentpretty obvious, this song is pro-choice
    weallbleedon October 07, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThey do state what they think. They don't like this at all, they want to shove his damn commandments into his chest, isn't it a clear statement that religion and state does NOT go well together.
    Ante Vanteon July 13, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationIt's a pro-choice song, written to point out the absurdity of Christians killing abortion doctors.

    "Be sure to empty all ten commandments into his chest." - People that claim to be standing strong in the defense of life, somehow justify ending the lives of doctors. They ignore any conceivably moral teaching of their faith, and the commandment not to commit murder, in the name of their fundamentalism.
    "For only holy redneck terrorism can usher in the second coming of the coat-hanger." - Abortion will always exist, it's just a question of which form it will be allowed to take. If pro-lifers (the aforementioned holy redneck terrorists) won, and abortion were banned, women would again be forced to utilize unsafe pre-Roe v. Wade means, like coat-hangers.

    As for the title, Treblinka was the camp with the second highest death toll (after Auschwitz), it could be a way of saying that extreme fundamentalism is but a secondary threat, the primary being Christianity/religion in general. Or, that the presence of religious fundamentalism is the gun (or in this case, the camp), but the religion itself is the finger pulling the trigger (here, the Nazis). Or perhaps Islamic fundamentalism is Auschwitz and Christian fundamentalism is Treblinka. Really these are all just hypothesis, no real way of knowing.
    SixThreeTimeson September 30, 2014   Link
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    General Commenttreblinka was a nazi death camp.

    ten commandments:
    I am the Lord your God
    You shall have no other gods before me
    You shall not make yourself an idol
    You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God
    Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy
    Honor your parents
    You shall not murder
    You shall not commit adultery
    You shall not steal
    You shall not bear false witness
    You shall not covet your neighbours wife
    You shall not covet your neighbor's house

    I don't think this song is pro choice. I think it's just stating the iniviabitly of a situation like this, in america.

    it never states either way how they feel about abortion.
    RAMSon April 24, 2007   Link

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