Breathless I stand free
Blind to fates which fall to men
Embracing the chilling winds
Still I am

The mist freeze falls from my breath
Gray skies encompass my sight
Caring not for other worlds

Your Fathers
Tried to slay me
Your Brothers
Fell before me

Clashing as hates collide
Through echoed cries I wade
Upon the frozen ground
My victims lay

Pounding the frozen earth
The hooves of horses carrying men
Swords raised high, the rush of war flowing through their veins
The warm blood soon to meet the earth from which it came

Your Fathers
Tried to slay me
Your Brothers
Fell before me
Ageless, still I am!

Heathens, they bring their crusades to me
Failing, they've come to die in vain
Nameless, their meaningfulness is none
I summon the strength of the gods
And we are one

Hear this
See this
Know this
For this is the ways that it must be

For solace
I eat the heart
To the power, this magic holds
And to taste the bitter vengeance
That within me has dwelled

Men of kings have come to end me
Only to die in vain
Legends, have cursed my name
Spells are spoken, believed to ward me away

Your Fathers
Tried to slay me
Your Brothers
Fell before me
Ageless, still I am!

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Ageless, Still I Am song meanings
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    General Commentthis is about knowing that you ban't be defeated.

    poisonhearton July 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentMany of Morbid Angel's songs take their cues from HP Lovecraft and pagan folklore, I feel that this song is no exception.

    It is about some kind of demi-god, (like Cthulu, or one of Lovecraft's many other astral beings) has been around for an almost imeasurable time, having suvived the best efforts of mankind, to slay it.
    quiffpornon August 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentMorbid Angel doesn't use H.P. dude, they just talk about all that shit anyways. Go to and listen to Crypticus, they're considered Lovecraftian Horror metal apparently. It's all about Cthulhu and shit. Oh Yeah and you're a retarded emo shithead.
    Brain_Muncheron September 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentTo me, it sounds like this song is about Grendel from "Beowulf". I think it could also be about some immortal creature of incrdible power, like a dragon.
    Storms of Waron October 02, 2006   Link

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