"Deserted Cities Of The Heart" as written by and Jack/brown Bruce....
Upon this street where time has died.
The golden treat you never tried.
In times of old, in days gone by.
If I could catch your dancing eye.

It was on the way,
On the road to dreams, yeah.
Now my heart's drowned in no love streams, yeah.

The street is cold, its trees are gone.
The story's told the dark has won.
Once we set sail to catch a star.
We had to fail, it was too far.

It was on the way,
On the road to dreams, yeah.
Now my heart's drowned in no love streams, yeah.

I felt the wind shout like a drum.
You said, "My friend, love's end has come."
It couldn't last, had to stop.
You drained it all to the last drop.

It was on the way,
On the road to dreams, yeah.
Now my heart's drowned in no love streams, yeah.

Now my heart's drowned in no love streams, yeah.

On this dark street the sun is black.
The winter life is coming back.
On this dark street it's cold inside.
There's no retreat from time that's died.

It was on the way,
On the road to dreams.
Now my heart's drowned in no love streams,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Now my heart's drowned in no love streams, yeah.
Now my heart's drowned in no love.

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"Deserted Cities of the Heart" as written by Peter Constantine Brown Jack Bruce

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    My InterpretationIn College, a guitar player was kicked out of school for grades and had to head back to R.I. Him and I always interpreted Cream songs. He sang this to me on his way out.

    My first year away was the best. It was 89 and the peak of the neo Hippie movement. I had a bunch of new friends who all loved Cream. As each year passed, we lost more and more friends. The more, I related to this song and found a special interpretation:

    One can take these lyrics at face value, but they are opt for interpretation. I feel the singer is lamenting why his special group of friends, including a love, could not remain together and separated. I also feel the singer identifies these people with a setting-- Perhaps those streets? "There's no retreat from time that's died." I relate this song to my old school town of Winona MN, where once upon a time there were nineteen year olds becoming hippies near the turn of the decade into the nineties. The times ended, the people moved away and the settings will forever be ingrained in us. To this day, I wonder why we couldn't keep a good thing going, miss girls I used to like and relationships we all had..... And I miss the landmarks. I played this song on my last trip back to Chicago. I hear it today and think of college. I can empathize with Jack Bruce's singing and certainly identify with the sounds of the song supporting my thesis.....Yearning for the good old days- lost love, lost confidence, lost friends, and lost settings, being streets, party houses or forest sites. This is a great song. Sorry I was wordy, but I love this website and all of your comments. John.
    JOrcaon September 02, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI've always loved this tune. Clapton's guitar and Jack Bruce's soulful vocals are great. But there's something about the lyrics that draws me in as well (I haven't checked the disc lately, but they were probably written - like many Cream songs - by Pete Brown). The word City comes from the latin "civitas" meaning civilization. I believe that deep inside everyone of us is an ideal civilization that makes perfect sense. Everything runs smothly and perfectly. There's no waste, no poverty, no hatred, no violence. The Eternal City. But as we grow up, we slowly realize that the world of mankind has a long way to go to reach this ideal city or "civilization". We've been forced, by the necessities of life, to abandoned this ideal... but we keep a map of it, almost like a memory, somewhere deep inside... in our heart. The Deserted Cities of the Heart.
    RayManon January 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentMy favorite Cream song. Baker's beat, from the opening drum fill, is perfect, as is Bruce's bass, acoustic guitar, and cello playing, and relentless vocal. Clapton's solo is a gem as well. This song is almost apocalyptic, and the droning of Bruce's acoustic guitar through all the verses (whoever thought an instrument associated with soft sounds could sound so edgy?) keeps an ominous, nearing-end-of-civilization feel. BTW, is the lyric in the chorus "now my heart drowned in those lost streets" or "now my heart drowns in no love's streams"? I've seen both. This is one that Bruce (by far the strongest composer and arranger of the three core members of the band) co-wrote with his frequent collaborator at the time, Pete Brown. I believe LSD also played a significant role...
    mbrachmanon November 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentOn the road to dreams, like everything is going to be good, but it doens't work out. You get your hopes up and then your heart ends up drowned in those lost streets. so sad.
    subterranean_summeron January 08, 2006   Link
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    General Commentimo, this seems to be about a girl ... a guy like's a girl, maybe there have been together and loved or maybe he wanted her and was imaging the possibilities, either way it didn't work out and she ended it. either before it started or before they got "there" being the a good and healthy relationship
    Carlos21on April 02, 2005   Link

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