"Blackball" as written by and Bryan Holland....
In this world of hate and shallowness
Where enemies become your consolation
And those of us who win the game give up their minds
I don't call that winning

Say this doesn't apply to you
But ask yourself first
What have I done today to win the game
And just what have I sacrificed

Win the battle or lose the war
I know I've played this game before
When people were still real
I don't want this anymore
It's time for me to close the door
There's nothing left to feel

Reflect on all our yesterdays
My own words choke me
Why were they spoken
Regret for the things I've said and done
Just can't compare with

Regret for those that I have never tried
So blame this world or blame yourself
It's really all the same
When you are standing on the precipice
From which you just can't return

Win the battle or lose the war
I know I've played this game before
When people were still real
I don't want this anymore
It's time for me to close the door
There's nothing left to feel

In the style of forgotten men
I look to my horizon
I see nothing
While thoughts of guns and desecration

Sweep through my mind
But only coffins and bones remain
As I look to you
The emptiness behind your eyes

Seals my decision
Can't carry on in this world of jugglers
Where all this thoughtlessness and bludgeoning
Your key to success
What kind of tradition to carry on

Blackball! The new disease
Blackball! The new disease
Blackball! Your evil ways
Have found their way inside me

Blackball! The new disease
Blackball! The new disease
Blackball! For a better life
In this high tech dog eat dog existence

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"Blackball" as written by Bryan Holland

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    General CommentWow, I know quite a few fans whose fave song is this one, so it's amazing that there's no replies yet... or so I think. Really inspirational song. Dexter is so freaking awesome (well, the rest of the band too of course) and this song is really, really good.
    battybat17on September 04, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIs Blackball a reference to cocaine?
    Cause we call that siznat 8ball... and 8balls tend to be black.
    Spuddlyon May 12, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis may be a reference to the Masons, a rather shady organisation. When you are elected, each member of the lodge you are affliliated with has to put a ball into a bag- white for acceptance, black for rejection- any black balls and you're on your arse.
    Dreamer Deceiveron December 09, 2004   Link
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    General CommentFirst, this is THE Offspring song for me. Seriously, it's so damn awesome.
    What it's about? I honestly have trouble figuring out the real meaning of this song.
    It may be so as Dreamer Deceiver suggests, but I don't think it's really about that. There are some suggestion that it may be about a world of drugs.
    As in The New Disease and all.
    BRMExtrEmEon May 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentTo blackball means (along with it's original use) " To shut out from social or commercial participation; ostracize or boycott" It's derived from the freemason's voting rituals.

    This song is about how the "powers that be" tend to exclude (blackball) things in society they don't like and that it often seems like the only way to advance in the world is to give in and start blackballing other people yourself. The song is about a person that is looking back on his life and realizing that he himself got caught up in the game of life and did things that he regrets, but he most regrets allowing himself to not do things because the mainstream told him not to. It's about disillusionment with a system that is keeping people down and destroying society.

    This not a reference to drugs.
    nightwolf923on July 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commentim with nightwolf, it realy does seem like u have to give in with society,i say FUCK THAT SHIT!!! i wont change my mind to win cause like the song says, i don't call that winning.
    this is a GREAT offspring song, i love it!
    dick lipson May 19, 2008   Link
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    General Commentah back when the offspring were a tsol clone. i lost respect for this band after smash which i honestly don't like. this single is the shit though. i don't give a fuck what it's about i just love the song.
    elliott666on July 06, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is obviously about submitting yourself to social obligations and norms imposed upon you by someone else. You do it and you start hating the world and yourself not knowing whose fault it is. You don't do it and you get a black ball, you get ostracised. There's no deep metaphorical meaning in this song, it's just an angsty punk rock song which describes the world as it is. It's my favourite Offspring song.
    rigon May 18, 2012   Link

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