"Wear Yo Hat (Buried and Bald)" as written by and The Original L.a. Jay Bautista R. Cundieff....
A hat is the last line of defense between the black man and the weather
"Where's my hat?"
It's a fact that the white man wants to keep you bald
We promise we will keep our heads covered...with any hat available.?
Gotta keep your head covered and wear your hat
To avoid all the noise that destroys the black
Or they take you out, one by one.
Basted, baded and done.
A nigga dead from exposure to the sun.
Victims of hostile elements.
Not so swell events.
Designed to keep the black irrelevant.
Hats in the ghetto streets decrease the blood shed
Hats in between the sheets and you won't be dead
Hats that preach and teach decrease the knuckleheads
Hats dealing with the police and ya won't get bled-son
Hey we ain't done
Ice meets the heat with a bigger gun
Bustin' caps that free the truth
Wearin' hats that save our youth
An' while you busy drinkin' forty and eight ball
We takin' a roll call to see who's down to fight the white why'all
We ain't stoppin'
Steady clockin'
My lid's on tight so their knees keep knockin?
We be the niggas that pull all the triggas
Takin' no prisoners, raisin casualty figures
Dressed for the battle but not fatigued
My hats made of metal to avoid debris
Yo gee they stole the kangol right off my head
Better grab a fedora instead
It's genocide the way they be snubbin' ya
Grab a brim babushka or yarmulke
Yo gee what about a bonnet
It really don't matter just put a lid on it
Cause they want more than to see you fall
They want to keep a brother buried and bald
Don't wear a toupee cause that's assimilation
Don't say it's okay that's oral masturbation
Hats offer enclosure from deadly exposure
Of sucker imposers ready to close your Coffin
And lower you down black
Bald buried and beaten into a pre-dug track
That's whack- the way they dis the black
How can a brother complain when we don't fight back?
It ain't hate cause we retaliate
With the gat in my hands and the hat on my pate
See back in the day out in the fields they kept us
Exposed to the rays, without no shields they left us
Without a hat we wuz exposed
Without a hat we wuz sunstroked
The African sun was pure and good
Never needed a hat just brotherhood
But the good old days are a brothers worst enemy
Tell me stay bald I say it ain't me
Look in my eyes and you'll realize
These ain't lies I wouldn't lead you wrong
Get wit the facts as I chart the stats
Cold kick the hats make the black grow strong
Time to make the change
Gotta cover my brain
Start dealin' the pain
To those who'd keep me in chains
Cause they want more than just to see you fall
They want to keep a brother buried and bald

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"Wear Yo Hat (Buried and Bald)" as written by The Original L.a. Jay Bautista R. Cundieff

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Wear Yo Hat (Buried and Bald) song meanings
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