"Honey White" as written by and Mark J. Sandman....
Honey white, honey white
Honey white

Made a deal for some angel food
Honey white, honey white
Everybody told her it was sweet and good yea
Oh honey, oh honey
Oh honey, oh honey

She said you'll see me later yea you'll see me later
Will you see me later seemed all too soon
And then he smiles he knows honey's coming back
Honey's going to want some more angel food

Devil made of honey, devil made of honey
Devil made of honey, devil made of honey

She said you'll get me when I'm old and wizened
And not a day before that
The devil said honey it won't be that long
Besides I like to see a little more fat
Yea I like to see a little more fat
You know I like to see a little more fat

Honey white, honey white
Honey white, honey white
Uh tell me how is your angel food
Honey white oh honey white
She says it's sweet and good
Honey white honey white uh honey white

The sweetness starts to fade
Honey white, honey white
Thought you could get away
Poor honey, poor honey
Poor honey, poor honey

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"Honey White" as written by Mark J. Sandman


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    My InterpretationI know Morphine fans most rabidly deny any connection between Mark's lyrics, the music, and drugs but...damn! This is a pretty inside knowledge portrayal of the attitude of new heroin users-"It won't get me!", and the attitude of dealers and longtime users when they hear it. Great song, musically, and the closing refrain of "poor Honey" is an empathetic response to the situation.

    Note that "writing accurately and insightfully about drug use" is NOT the same as saying Mark or members of Morphine were druggies, addicts or even users...but it's ridiculous to deny the KNEW about what they were conveying so well. Me, I don't care either way, I loved Sandman and mourn the loss of a creative genius and good man.
    Trollificuson June 01, 2017   Link
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    General Comment"Son, the funny powders in the glassine envelopes are poison. Always remember. White and brown alike samesame and commersh 'baccy's even worse, so just keep yourself away from all that and keep 'em out of your body; you'll sure suffer less for walking thatttaway, I promise you."

    "Yes, Dad. Life is already sweet; I find it so."

    "Later, Son, I shall talk with you about Marijuana. Soon, when everything is ready. Gotta' go now; thanks for hearing me out, goodnight and have a GREAT one!"

    Meantime, Little Sister for once was not eavesdropping. Strong warning.
    Walking_Turtleon July 11, 2006   Link

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