"Oh Yeah!" as written by Shannon Lawrence, Jayceon Terrell Taylor, Calvin Cordazor Broadus and Nathaniel Pierre Jones....
Yeah, mmm hmmm
This one goes out to all the pretty young ladies out there
in pretty young lady land mmm hmmm see what I'm sayin
I want you to just peep over your shoulders hunny... ya see

Now lets get it understood (Oh Yeah)
That I'm a treat her real good (Oh Yeah)
And I'm a love her all my life (Oh Yeah)
And keep her flooded with ice (Oh Yeah)

Now just take my hand (Oh Yeah)
You'se my woman I'm your man (Oh Yeah)
Now you the one that I done chose (Oh Yeah)
And I don't love them other hoes (Oh Yeah)

Now make them niggas understand (Oh Yeah)
You already got a man (Oh Yeah)
You need a player that's strong (Oh Yeah)
And that'll never do you wrong (Oh Yeah)

And if them boys try to touch (Oh Yeah)
You should kick them in the nuts (Oh Yeah)
'Cause them tittys just right (Oh Yeah)
Make a player want to bite (Oh Yeah)

'Cause I'm your one and only lover (Oh Yeah)
And we gon' have to use a rubber (Oh Yeah)
Now look what we done did (Oh yeah)
Messed around and had some kids (Oh Yeah)

Daddy...You make me feel like a star
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Daddy... Can I get the keys to the car?
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
You rollin' with me, I'm rollin with you
Daddy it's what ever you want to do
You rollin' with me, I'm rollin with you
Daddy it's what ever you want to do
You rollin' with me, I'm rollin with you
Daddy it's what ever you want to do
You rollin' with me, I'm rollin with you
Daddy it's what ever you want to do

(Ey, Ey, Ey)
I got swine on the seats (Oh Yeah)
24's on my feets (Oh Yeah) (Lil Ones)
Let's thump in my ride (Oh Yeah)
And mommy stay fly (Oh Yeah)

Boy I'm the nieghborhood king (Oh Yeah)
y'all know it I'm a cost your king (Oh Yeah)
I mean I say ya love my style (Oh Yeah)
I throw partys buck wild (Oh Yeah)

Daddy I'm the number 1 stunna (Oh Yeah)
And I shine every summa (Oh Yeah)
Boy know I have to change my paint (Oh Yeah)
'Cause that stock shit stink (Oh Yeah)

Ey,Ey, Re-do the inside (Oh Yeah)
25 inch rims in tide (Oh Yeah)
I keep them strapped and shy (Oh Yeah)
New Benz cause mommy so fly (Oh Yeah)


Dude if it's blue it get copped (Oh Yeah)
From the drops to the watch to the rocks (Oh Yeah)
Whoa that block gettin hot (Oh Yeah)
Got those so I'm coppin that yaht (Oh Yeah)

Now I'm frozen like and ice box (Oh Yeah)
Brotha Jacks and the Jordan, Mike hot
And I'm still street my pop (Oh Yeah)
If I'm ever in a tight spot (Oh Yeah)

Yeah I'm rollin with the flyers (Oh Yeah)
Just back seat ridin' (Oh Yeah)
You know nigga be drivin' (Oh Yeah)
Wit two freaks inside it (Oh Yeah)

So we with the Big Tymers (Oh Yeah)
You betta' warn your baby momma'(Oh Yeah)
Cause Boo and Gotti causin' problems (Oh Yeah)
So Just back up off us (Oh Yeah)


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"Oh Yeah!" as written by Jayceon Terrell Taylor Calvin Cordazor Broadus

Lyrics © SUPREME ENT. INT'L CORP. D/B/A FUERTE SUERTE MUSIC , Ultra Tunes, Universal Music Publishing Group

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