"Come Back In One Piece (Feat. DMX)" as written by Earl Simmons, Irving Domingo Lorenzo, George Jr. Clinton, William Earl Collins, Jr. Worrell, Stephen Ellis Garrett and Robert Mays....
There we go, okay, okay
Don't do me Greasy, okay
Uh, ay yo
You know what a dog needs

Do you really know what a dog needs?
Uh a dog needs a grrr!
What? What? A dog needs a grrr!
Come on

Not just any uh but a real uh
That's gonna hold that dog down
Arf! Arf!

Baby I am what I am, I'm goin' be who I be
Everything from chasing a cat to p***** on a tree
Let me see what I gotta to see
Do what I gotta to do

Dog for life but keep it true
Every once in a while I'll break out the backyard to roam
And get reckless
But I still know that home is home

And when I get there I'm a sit there
Take a s*** there put my d*** there
Do I handle my business?
S*** yeah

I'm a run till I bust my gun and empty the clip
Never come home, I gotta go just gimme the whip
I ain't got time for the lip
Just open the fence

Let me go I'll come back
I ain't got time to convince
Ever since I was a pup
I've been stuck with the street s***

Keep the heat s***
F*** it n**** gotta eat
I past on a weak s***
If it's out there I want it

All at one time
So when it's my time I've done it

I know you'll kill for me
You'll die you me
I know you like to rip and run the streets
But I get nervous sometimes

Ooh baby I can't help to think
You might not make it home to eat
I barely sleep
Could you pick up a phone and call me at home?

And let me know you ain't in some heat
And don't go crying, you're grown
You know I'm looking out for you
Cause you be looking out for me, me, me

Yo you can go with your dogs
If you make this promise to me
You make it back in one piece
So you can go with your dogs
If you make this promise to me
You make it back in one piece
?Fore you go betting it all
If you make this promise to me
You make it back in one piece
I know you up in it all
If you make this promise to me
You make it back in one piece

And oh boy I know you got to do what you do, ooh-ooh
You're making moves, I'm makin' moves yo we cool
(What? What? What?)
Lay on your paws I got your back if you fall, hey-hey
Nothing?s to big, nothing?s to small just go ball, yeah

Uh dog tags around my neck the streets are mine
I might leave the heat behind
Cause in the streets I'm fine
That's why n***** sleep till nine

Out by ten back by ten
Sleep till nine do it again
If you love something let it go
If it comes back to you it yours

If it doesn't f*** it you'll never know
You got me I got you, uh
Dog with a dog, ride till we die
If it's on then it?s on

[Repeat Chorus]

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"Come Back in One Piece" as written by William Earl N Collins George S N Clinton

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Come Back In One Piece (Feat. DMX) song meanings
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    OrEo13on July 24, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song was about being down; straight up. Just a girl worrying about her man, and naking sure he makes it back home to her safely. I love the beat, and DMX added realness to it... like Aaliyah was speaking directly to him. I t was good song.
    Lyrical816on August 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentCute song! they do good together... no wonder he was so sad in her I miss you video..RIP Aaliyah
    lilmomma69on June 19, 2003   Link
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    General Commentbest sonq yo .
    'if you love somethinq, let it qo,
    if it comes back to you, it's yours .
    if it doesn't ; fuck it , you'll never know'

    thats like my favorite line out of any sonq , its amazinqqq =]
    and so true , could keep a lotttt of people from qettinq hurt in the lonq run .
    i wanna have it tattooed on me :]
    NoDoubtx33on April 07, 2009   Link

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