Child that will be born adults with no sense of guilt fallen
I who has no name why am I here I don't even understand, but
I don't know that I only have a few months to live...

I want to love I want to be born inside this mother's body, staring
since the time I waited for conciousness two months on I sensed something fast
yet I could do nothing that cord of ours will be...

I, incomplete, my body pierced through with hooked pain
mother's screaming voice, ringing in my ears, will not cease white coated adults scooped me up
in eyes overflowing with coldheartedness bloody, without a right hand, I am reflected
just as I was, in black vinyl I am wrapped, engulfed
while my conciousness is gradually fading, I consider quietly
if I, caged, am loved as I am, that is good it cannot be forgiven

it's better that I, unloveable, died as I am
in quiet I shall sleep without giving my first cry
just once, I want to feel a mother's love
maybe this is love thank you
a door that never opens was closing tight
but I am surely your future, and so...
la la la...

my body burned, consumed until my bones become nothing burned, destroyed

Lyrics submitted by Shinigami

Mazohyst Of Decadence (English) song meanings
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    General Commentlol, because this is about abortion, nobody comments on it...
    F-eon May 02, 2005   Link
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    General CommentBeing a liberal most definitely doesn't mean that you approve of abortion, it just means you don't want the fucking government in you uterus.
    fizzle365on September 12, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti agree with F-e. it makes sense with the baby laughing in the beginning then like crying towrds the middle/end. also what the two people are saying is this:
    man:is it really okay?
    man:is this your first time?
    woman:yes, it's my first
    man:I have killed countless children
    can you forgive me?
    man:I ask one more time
    is it really okay?
    man:are you ready?
    man:well then, let's begin

    so yeah the man is asking the woman if she really wants to go through with it
    Paranoia_Agenton January 19, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwhen i say "those two people" i mean the conversation that occurs at about 6:22. and oh yeah, Kyo's vocals on this song are freaking awesome. but of course they always are, but this song totally just reminds you of it!
    Paranoia_Agenton January 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI doubt that this is about stillbirth or miscarraige. I don't know what DeG say about it, but I think it is more likely to be about an abortion.
    Why? because if you look closely at the lyrics, it does not make sense to be talking about stillbirth. I will try and explain as emotionlessly as I can, though I have faced personal experiences that do not make me face these situations with a naive face.

    "I don't know that I only have a few months to live..."
    This has to be talking about life inside the womb, because if it were still birth, the baby is not alive when it is outside the womb. These few months would then be relating to the "life inside the womb", would they not?

    "since the time I waited for conciousness two months on I sensed something fast"
    Two months on would mean two months on in the pregnancy, if this were about an abortion.

    "I, incomplete, my body pierced through with hooked pain"
    'I, incomplete'. A stillborn baby's body is complete, a fetus' body is not. It fits with the two months on in the pregnancy theory.
    'Pierced through with hooked pain', would fit with the idea of an abortion, rather than a baby who has been still born (usually suffocated)

    "mother's screaming voice, ringing in my ears, will not cease white coated adults scooped me up"
    This definatly makes it sound more like a stillbirth, however, the "white coated adults scooping me up" could well apply to an abortion too.

    "just as I was, in black vinyl I am wrapped, engulfed
    while my conciousness is gradually fading,"
    I am not sure about japanese culture, but most stillborn babys are not 'engulfed in black vinyl' after they have been born, they are more likely cuddled, clothed, and then placed in a coffin.
    'Conciousness gradually fading'. A stillborn is completley dead when it is removed from the womb. A fetus, I regret to say, is often not.

    'it's better that I, unloveable, died as I am'
    A mother who loved her child would probably not wait the full-term and get an abortion a month or two on in the pregnancy. These lyrics imply that the baby is unloved, making an abortion seem more probable.

    the cremation at the end sounds more likely pointing towards miscarraige and stillbirth though, as aborted fetuses are usually taken away to be used for scientifical studies.

    the white-coated people are probably doctors and therefor in a big part ruling out the possibility of a miscarraige, which could have been the other conclusion.
    so, the most complete conclusion drawn from these lyrics, I think, would be abortion.

    Oh yes, I also agree with FE.
    Izabellaon January 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is obviously about abortion. Thank you very much Izabella for that detailed explanation.
    jrockisloveon March 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYea, this was most likely written from the mind of an unborn child being ripped from it's mother's whomb(sp?) during an abortion. Still a great song though ^.^
    TotchiCoffeeon March 18, 2006   Link
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    General Commentcan someone tell me what the title means?
    especially the 'mazohyst' part.
    Kittycollartighton April 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWell, I'm not sure about "mazohyst". I think it's made up or a language I don't know. But decadence: A process, condition, or period of deterioration or decline, as in morals or art; decay.
    NyankoBurgeron May 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so amazing ...
    And yes, it is about abortion.
    Just watch the PV... it makes it very obvious.
    So sad, though =/
    scarykarion May 31, 2006   Link

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