Alright y'all pull up a seat and let me tell ya a little about. Angst and a wide open bottle of Wild Turkey. Now I had a little bit of that bottle and that bottle had a whole lot of me. The rest of the story goes somethin' like this here: I can't explain what brought me down under the waves of sight and sound. Must be the way angst makes me feel, hard as iron, rusted like steel. In my own head projecting life, happy as hell, dull as a knife. Dry as a lake, wetter than sand, kicking myself with my own hand. I'll see you tomorrow sunrise. I'll put it this way, I can't really tell the difference between rewards and penance. It's all the same when you know you're insane, hey, that's the roll I play. Stuck between a love of distaste for members of my alleged race. I don't mean white, I don't mean black, I'm talking homo sapien. I know some got it figured out, and don't care to listen to the shit I spout. But I am I and that's the only way I can see passion and apathy. I sink down the bubbles rise reaching to choke the sight out of my eyes. Lungs are filling up with cold shapeless fingers that know just where to rub. And it all becomes so nicely sedative. Then I catch a glimpse of something shiny like a spoon in sunlight. Drags me back up until I can almost breathe. I'll put it this way, elevation takes it's toll, worth your corpses weight in gold. As worthless as life, as lionized as death, a subtle kick in the balls. What a fuckin' drag, kittens in a bag. Oh so slow the waters rise, chokes the sight out of their eyes. Clawing at fading sky, it fades away and. Then they've never felt so high, never less of an urge to die. Euphoria creeps in a tweeks their little minds, too high to say goodbye...What a fuckin' drag, kittens in a bag. Feelings that you cannot help, they run to deep within yourself. Wanna run, but you can't even catch a breath. Sinking down, bubbles all creeping up bringing a sweat to my tongue. And the darkness of sight to my eyes. Sinking down, bubbles all creeping up, thinking that drowning's not. Such a bad way to die. As I sunk through my gloom Sewerhead graced my eyes. He shook his head, and swam away whispering: "You're a wrecking ball leveling what you built in your head. It's you that tied the knot around the quadrapeds and tossed them into Carbunkle swamp. And they are you...and you have become them." Was so nice to know you sunshine. I can't explain what brought me down under the waves or sight and sound.

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Carbunkle Swamp song meanings
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