"In Our Gun" as written by and Ian Thomas/blackburn Ball....
The first words that came could've been more inspired
You must be hungry or tired or frozen
So put up your feet, throw some coal on the fire
And weave us a tale of delight

So we sit in our gun and we wait for our turn
We'll be waiting all of the night
So we sit in our gun and we wait for our turn
We'll be waiting all of our lives

We're all to blame
We hide away
Let's take the sand from this bottomless pit
It's hell to pay
So run away
Destroy on command all who came and then quit

It's been carefully planned by the ones you won't see
Send out the monkeys, they come out of the bushes
To piss in the punch and then smash up the decks
It's your party, we're all obliged

So we sit in our gun and we wait for our turn
I think you hurt him, there's blood on the floor
So we sit in our gun, can I ask what you're on?
If you made it there's hope for us all

We're all to blame
We hide away
Let's take the sand from this bottomless pit
There's hell to pay
So run away
Destroy on command all who came and then quit
You're all the same
So hide away
Let's steal the sand from this bottomless pit

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"In Our Gun" as written by Ian Thomas Ball Ben Ottewell

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    General CommentI think this song might be about the US Presidential election. Gomez said a lot of stuff when the album came out about how they felt that the election was a terrible thing because the Republicans basically stole it in Florida, with GW's brother being governor and the allegations of intimidation etc...

    Anyway, the lyrics:

    "we're all to blame" - everyone is responsible for the political situation, the people let politicians get away with their behaviour

    "it's been carefully planned by the ones you won't see" - the election rigging has been planned in the political backrooms but the republicans

    "send out the monkeys...." - a lot of important decision makers in the controversy after the election were Republican stooges, e.g. Jeb Bush, or the Florida Electoral commissioner who also happened to be head of the 'George Bush for President' association. So they are the monkeys, who come out and wreck up the 'party' - the election.

    "we wait for our turn/we'll be waiting all of the night/we'll be waiting all of our lives" - people who care about progressive politics will be waiting a long time for success because the corrupt political process destroys the possibility of genuine fairness and progress in politics.
    caitsith01on June 17, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI don't think this is a political song at all.
    Look at the first verse, the song is searching for something. It asks why someone else's words don't carry the meaning or depth that the singer wants them to. Then for the rest of the song he just sits and waits for this intimacy with people to come, but it never does. His friends come to his house and have a huge party drinking and wrecking things-- tons of fun, but no one gets any closer to one another.

    This is where the 'we sit in our gun' metaphor comes in. We sit in the barrel of a gun, aiming it at everyone who tries to get close to us because we are vulnerable. we cannot pull the trigger because the bullet will harm us as well, but everyone hides something. We all wait our turn to talk, but no one listens, which is why we can't say things that strike other people with the depth that the singer searches for.
    AlexanderTheDaneon November 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm pretty sure this song is about how humans will typically try to pass the buck no matter what the situation, but still feel entitled to bitch and moan about how someone else somehow dropped the ball.

    In the first stanza, it seems like there are a group of people sitting around a fire when another person stumbles up and tries to explain himself. The group's first response is that of a professional critic. The stranger's first words could've been more inspired. After they realize the guy's hungry, tired, or frozen, they have the decency to offer him a seat and to let him put his feet up, but they still demand that he entertain them with stories.

    When we know there's gonna be "hell to pay", humans would rather "hide away" and "run away" even though we know "we're to blame". However, all we're doing is trying to do is dig ourselves out of a bottomless pit. At the most, we'll "destroy on command all who came", but then quit before providing a replacement.
    distopiandreamguyon August 09, 2009   Link

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