Destiny took me in her arms and told me:
"You're a little lost on the fall.
You fall for all the men
You shouldn't fall for all at all."
Ooh, I know she knows, but still I go on,
Well, I'm a fool.

Climbing up the (l)adders
To slide down the adders
On the rocks,
On the rocks,
On the rocks,
On the rocks...

Joan of Arc walks into my mirror,
A burning sword.
I'd like to cry.
I look into her eyes.
I see she's seen the long days and night. [ca. 1'00]
"Ooh," she says,
"The games are still the same, I see,
But they've changed the names now.
Are all Lionhearts put in parks, apart?"

Lionhearts in the asylums,
Lionhearts tossed at sea,
Lionhearts who've lived their lives, like Arthur.
Lionhearts in cathedrals,
Lionhearts at mournings,
Lionhearts in every seed--
But they're sown
On the rocks,
On the rocks,
On the rocks,
On the rocks...

Somebody I couldn't see
Tied me up and put me away,
Here on the rocks,
Here on the rocks,
Here on the rocks...

Lyrics submitted by Begdisa, edited by Mellow_Harsher

Where Are the Lionhearts? song meanings
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    General CommentI had to add this myself and im quite surprised, imho this is such an amazing song, and its one of my favourites, if not my favourite. Download/find/buy it now!
    I think a 'lionheart' is someone who is a ledgend in their own right, strong, brave, creative, someone who stands for what they believe in no matter what. These 'special people' are so hard to find now, in this modern age that its easy to think they have dissapeared or been put 'on the rocks'.
    These people, are often mistaken for being made (ie. "lionhearts in aslylms" and the line about being tied up and put away) and are the 'outcasts' of society, which is also being 'on the rocks'.
    As well as being a love song, I think its an important song to think about in a moral sence.
    Personally, I hope im a lionheart :)
    Begdisaon June 09, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThe first time I listened to this song I cried buckets even though I could only make out half of the lyrics! Looking at the lyrics, I feel that a Lionheart is someone who is brave in their own way. They don't have to be as outstanding brave as Joan of Arc but they can be coping with grief, a mental illness or simply in the narrator's situation a realisation that she mustn't fall for a certain type of men. That's what I get from it anyway.

    The fact that Lionhearts are 'sown on the rocks' where the adders are makes sense but it makes me feel so incredibly sad because in a literal case it is a death sentence like Joan of Arc. But the narrator shows some bravery at the beginning as she 'climbs up the ladder' in order to fall whereas at the end she is 'tied up and put away on the rocks' as if bravery is a journey. Also, perhaps the reason she 'couldn't see' the person who did this is because it is herself, showing that we are all Lionhearts inside.
    zoowijoowion January 13, 2012   Link

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