(Verse 1)
(Young Thug)

ayo, ayo watch out-here comez my lyrical assault, (oh no!)
so put cha biz 2 a halt,
havin a hard time thinkin itz my fault?, (yeah)
i can undastand how u b lookin up 2 me, (why?)
cuz crazy emceez b blazin on me,
not worrin bout my contagious desiase, (wha?)
yo yo yo yo so if yall ready fo dat heavy hot shit,
come where bout tha house where we rock shit,
not tryin ta stop it, but we all gotz ta get paid,
get in my way an find out how u relate 2 tha police of da state, (yo)
drop wha u doin b4 i ruin ya lil gamez,
tellin ya playa diz dawg aint dat tame,
so who da blame fo my 50 foot flamez,
one of uz gotz ta go son an im goin stay!

(Chorus x2)

Ayo, diz iz me a young emcee,
a young thug ridin an straight up spittin at G'z,
Aint no worriez but Worriez it self-motha motha fucka!,
say wha cha goin say cuz ill see ya in hell!

(Verse 2)

Ay, diz how da teck rhymez,
Dteck9 all fo crimez,
crimez not committed by me an mine, (ya heard!)
if it an on my waste den ya probally goin die,
crazy bustaz alwayz cuss us an then they have tha nerve ta wonda y,
i straight killin dem,
i aint killin em agian,
but once dey gone bout it twice then they lookin fo ten,
ten ta da vest dat iz if ya rock one,
stupied mothafuckaz neva got one,
dey get shot son,
so hop on da murda train,
keep ya name intact boy cuz u soon goin b feelin my pain!

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 3)
(Young Thug)

ay im back agian,
diz time im back ta win,
maybe ta take ya wind,
right outta ya lungz so stop breathin,
common i kno dat u can do betta den dat,
give ya one good hit den teck hit cha back,
like dat ya fall 2 da ground boy,
dont fuck wit uz, an dont make a fuckin noise!

(Chorus x4)

Lyrics submitted by young_thug, edited by Mellow_Harsher

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    General CommentThat shit was beautiful brohhhhhh Rick and Morty all he way in the next season Rick dies brigs and also Morty gets raped by that guy he shot the jelly bean guy and Beth and Jerry get divorced and also Jerry married summer
    Fakebirdson April 11, 2016   Link

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