"Seagulls (the Macroposopus)" as written by and Renn Hawkey Elijah Blue Allman....
Let us pretend love
For the day
The life we live
And you stepping away
Suppose a useless soul depraves
But now suppose
The truth's beyond the grave

So all and all
We laugh the same tears
Of how we met upon the river
Thames pier
Two hearts of gold
Just for the while
Two bards who stroll
The endless mile

To tame the world again
Let us keep resisting the end
Defame your world pretend
Let us keep existing

So look up the night
And follow the sky
As I realised the sign
Where the two points collide
We'll be safer on the line
As the heavens decline
Space for the time
Now let the planets align

Come dear, it's safe
We'll pass the plane
So now this sort of lives
The chance to change
Remember when we sailed along the Nile?
Back then you turned your head
Gave me that smile
But through resistance you have tried
And now we've passed the nevers nationwide

Only all because you stayed
Till back ??? leads the way
And Summer winds the leaves will change
With no ??? past the days
And if you feel precocious, love belay

Seem the same
Begin to sift
Signal the change
Here lies the gift
I feel the rays
As I start to drift
Drift away

Only all because the days
When all the notes we passed you saved
No chance, supposed and rearranged
And through the night time I'll be staying
But now it's gone forever, turn the page

To tame the world again
Let us keep resisting the end
Defame the world, pretend
Let us keep existing

To tame the world again
Let us keep resisting the end
To shame the world, pretend
Let us keep existing

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Seagulls (the Macroposopus) song meanings
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    General Commentdude this song is way awsome jay gordon sings with Elijah in it and both of them sound ALOT alike..........carlton megalodon should sing a few with Elijah!:)
    deadsyluveron July 31, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti think a lot of the lyrics are wrong
    mouseyon September 16, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThere are a few things that this song could mean. The first and foremost that the Macroprosopus was some sort of mythological... titan/giant from the Jewish mythology. I'm not exactly sure what the Macroprosopus was...

    The other interperetation (the more feasible one) is that the song is patterned on the feelings of an opiate trip, most likely Oxycontin. The lyrics and musical structure resemble that sort of "waking dream" someone has while on this specific type of drug. Renn Hawkley (Dr. Nner) has made numerous references to his opiate habit in interviews.
    Urantian Solitaron June 30, 2003   Link
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    General Commentwell actually the macroprosopus is this concept from hinduistic philosphy. It's kinda like the mechanical conciouness of god that pervades all space. You can think of it as the macroprospus dividing the void to make space for the universe, and that is where we would exsist, within the conciouness of God.

    If you look at the lyrics, it makes sense, and Elijah is a pretty educated dude. He is academia of course.
    archangel_tyraelon December 06, 2004   Link

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