"Give It To You" as written by Jermaine L. Cole, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder, Gabrielle Serene Varner, Marcel Theo Hall and Marlon Lu'ree Williams....
You say its been too long
Since you had some
You say I turn you on
Like a fire that's burning inside
You think that I'm the one
You see in your dreams
I know what you mean yeah
It's creepin around in your head
Me holding you down in my bed
You don't have to say a word
I'm convinced you want this

Baby you know I can give it to you
I can't deny you do it right
Just let me know and I'll give it to you
Just show me where, I'll take you there
Baby you know that I'll give it to you
Your body needs a man like me
Anything goes when I give it to you
You know without a doubt, I'll turn you out
I'll give it to you
The feeling is fine, giving you everything of mine

I'm the place to be
And soon, you'll see
I don't care who leads
As long as we move horizontally
Anyone can make you sweat
But I, can keep you wet
It's creepin' around in my head
Me holding you down in my bed
I can't wait to give you some
I'm convinced you need it


It's creepin' around in my head
Me holding you down in my bed
You don't have to say a word
Just relax, I'll do the work
I can't wait to give you some
I'm convinced you need one


I want to satisfy your every wish and mine baby
I know just what you need,(you need)to get you off
No one could ever do you like I do you right baby
There's nothing we can't do
The feeling is fine giving you everything of mine

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"Give It to You" as written by Lukasz Gottwald Kendrick Duckworth


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    General Commentahahahahahaha. i fucking love this song.
    trashxprincesson April 23, 2003   Link
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    General Commentvery dirty, very wonderful
    Chameleonicaon June 22, 2003   Link
  • +1
    General Commentvery dirty indeed, i luv it. can't help but like this song, even though itz about two horny people. brings back memories... lol
    It has a great dance beat and is corney lyke circus music. yea that part is a lil weird but fits in well i suppose.
    iluvFMon February 26, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis is missing part of the lyrics...sad day...
    they're hilarious...

    p.s. Jordan Knight can give it to me anytime...
    grinreaperon December 09, 2007   Link
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    General Commentokay, i was 9 when this song came out in 1999. i never even listened to the lyrics except for the chorus. and all i remember of the musical is when he pretty much air humps the camera. i never knew this song was this dirty.
    E_kwelityon January 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHAHAHAHAH chriswatts83, you're opinion on this song is hilarious. I seriously lol'd. This song is catchy. I love it, actually. Everything about this song. The lyrics, the beat, the way it's sung. "Anyone can make you sweat, but I can keep you wet
    ." My favorite part of this song, it's deep.

    P.S. You really need to edit the lyrics, just make some minor changes.
    b00biez_xon October 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is such a corney song, but I LOVE it! "Anyone can make you sweat, but I can keep you wet!" I get happy when I hear it and it makes me wanna dance.
    Tyler2004durdenon March 26, 2005   Link
  • -1
    General Commentthis song is about rape. 'you don't have to say a word, i'm convinced you need it.' No regard for the girl, she needs it in his opinion, so he's gonna do her whether she likes it or not. I think Jordan Knight is a rapist and he's trying to come clean with how he felt at the time of the crime. It just shows boy band members' narrow mindedness towards the fairer sex. I also know for a fact that Nick Carter touches kids in their 'secret place'. don't ask me how i know, just trust me.
    chriswatts83on December 26, 2006   Link

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