i've got a picture of us as sophomores
i'm in a sportcoat, you're in a stupor
you still look super, just super sonic
kind of bionic, it's sort of ironic
i was impressed, you fell out of your dress
you fell off of the porch swing, we were kind of a mess
we were kind of uncertain as to where we should kiss
didn't think that you'd diss me
did you sleep with that hippie?

and i've got a feeling like i'm in the beatles
bigger than jesus, i'm getting shot at
it's getting hectic, there's so much traffic
i might never get it, it's behind the buildings
it's guarded by cameras, studied by doctors
wrapped up in plastic, it sleeps at the airport
skips all its classes, skips like a record
used to be better, do you remember?
used to have visions, used to believe em
haven't done any heavy stuff since the nassau coliseum
i was standing in my sister's raincoat, you said that i looked debonair
the long island cops, they pulled off the top
they were wastin those longhairs, i just happened to be there when the
guy selling domestics got himself busted, he didn't have a license
couldn't be trusted
the girl selling t-shirts was kind of a freaker, first she gets handcuffed
they started to beat her, i was so angry, you had just left me
they had her pinned down, it was so easy, gotta admit it
i can't forget it, i don't regret it
that i got some kicks in

and every hippie that goes home bloody feels like a martyr back in the city
or in new jersey and not manhatten, or in the hamptons, back on campus
and out in boston and out in cambridge and out in brookline, back in brooklyn
and on the east coast, the carolinas, and in virginia and in memphis
in the twin cities and on the west coast and in alaska and coasta rica
and in jamaica and in miami, i wanna fuck you, i wanna fuck you
out on long island

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Nassau Coliseum song meanings
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    General Commenthere is what craig finn (the lead singer of lifter puller) said about this song:

    "In 1991, I went to a Grateful Dead show at Nassau Coliseum. Supposedly, it was the biggest drug bust in Grateful Dead history. The kid I was with threw up on me and started freaking out, so we had to cruise during the second set. I took him to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II so he could calm down. It finally worked, after a lot of heavy breathing and concern for Donotello's welfare."
    somelyricson February 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commentin my opinion, the best lifter puller song ever. the lyrics are super clever (especially the second verse) and it has a great vibe.
    hotelarizonaon July 11, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis is one of my favorite lifter puller songs so i wanted to comment. i think the meaning is pretty straight forward. i like to cover lifter puller songs from time to time and this one seems to get the best response. great song.
    caa26on February 28, 2011   Link

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