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Catch 22 – Keasbey Nights Lyrics 13 years ago
"Straight into my finger, what a stinger, it was so long. I still remember that day, like the day that I said that I swear, "I'll never hurt myself again""

I hope I don't have this really wrong, but to me this sounds like he was hurting himself- like one day he realised that he could, and is then looking back at that day and the day he said he'd never do it again.

Sublime – Caress Me Down Lyrics 15 years ago
it sounds like he is saying she is someone's over protected daughter, as he says her parents and uncles tried to kill him. so he sort o mocks that by calling her his 'daughter' coz to him she is a lover. maybe her family disown her or something and he says he'll protect her ;) 'i'm your daddy'

Strung Out – The Exhumation of Virgina Madison Lyrics 15 years ago
it could be about a movie this guy sees on the TV and when he starts drinking he passes out and dreams the movie is his life. He feels all the anguish of losing his lover and burying her, maybe in some ways this mirrors his life or is a 'fucked up fantasy', like he wishes he could fall asleep for eternity or have someone he really loves, even if he has to mourn them. When he wakes up the 'dream fades away' and leaves him confused and depressed wishing he had stayed 'away from all this TV', he knows the drinking is bad and that cant keep escaping to these fantasies but he can't help himself because it sounds like it has happened many times :'at times like this i wish i hadnt slept...'

System of a Down – Soil Lyrics 15 years ago
what i thought about it when i first listened to it, maybe i am totally off line but here goes

Don't you realize evil
lives in the mother fucking skin

the guy cant get away from the evil, the origional sin that mankind contains, or so we are told. his father left him, this just proves it to him, he sees it all around him and maybe in himself and he cant stand it so he kills himself

A man can't avoid what he is meant to do
When he is meant to do it
even if he doesn't really want to

like someone just dismissing his death as fate or maybe someone saying that man's insticts make him do things that he doenst want to or that even disgust him.

it could even be someone dismissing the guys near suicidal action before he dies- 'out of control boy', they wont take him seriously, boys will be boys, men are immasculated, no one knows he wants to die

Your men fall unrealized

noone knew his potential, no one bothered to discover his pain, 'fall' seems such a small word for such a big thing- men are negated by what is expected of them

System of a Down – Darts Lyrics 15 years ago
i never thought of the hitman and the nun being lovers before Tha Prophet. i always thought it meant that being a hitman, a nun or lovers are lifestyles of today's society that are somehow life threatening, like maybe they threaten how 'alive' these people are or maybe it means it puts them in danger. but now ive read ur comment i have a whole new way of looking at it and its pretty cool, thanks

System of a Down – Innervision Lyrics 15 years ago
The 'innervison' part reminds me of the quote about remote viewing in their self titled album, thats like seeing things inwardly, inside your mind and supernaturally which is what i think of when i hear innervision. the eerie way he sings that word reminds me of the remote viewing although it doesnt really fit with the rest of the song.

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