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Linkin Park – Shadow Of The Day Lyrics 11 months ago
Cards fraud flowers the woman chosen and walking away but the damage is down and it will follow them like a shadow and the sun set and now there's no more.

Linkin Park – One More Light Lyrics 11 months ago
One day there is gonna be one last light.

Linkin Park – Castle Of Glass Lyrics 11 months ago
Take me down to River bend / to me means bring you down to drag you to your lowest point.
Castle of glass / is like building your life on something not solid rightous it can easily shatter and each one of us is like a drop in the sea.
Silver wing / rise above through wisdom
Warm me up Nova's glow/ to give light and comfort
The dream is built on false hood and lies but is something that is hard to navigate once you have your glass castle. The cracks are the damages
The wash off poison from his skin maybe he saw something his own skin was doing that was poison
Sirens song covers seductresses and women that mess you up in the head. Maybe similar to catacombs.

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