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Linkin Park – One More Light Lyrics 4 months ago
Chester wrote this for us, for all of us. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is the hardest thing you ever go through. The emotions, the pain that you feel. It's unbearable, but it makes us human.

I think he knew he going to end it when he wrote this for us.

This song helps, it helps so much with grieving not just from suicide but in general. Dealing with all the conflicting emotions coming out a loss by suicide. Anger, hurt, regret and loss.

We're all a "light" to someone else even if we don't know it and you will be hurting someone by ending your life. Even if that person simply had a brief "moment" with you, it's a loss they'll feel and won't ever let go.

In a way Chester hurt us to show us how we'd hurt everyone else if we committed suicide.

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