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Sharon Van Etten – Ask Lyrics 3 years ago
Take for example asking a girl out, but not just a girl, a person you really like. Then asking her to be your girlfriend and getting denied, time after time. It hurts too much to ask, but when those happy thoughts of being with someone cross your mind, you cannot resist not to. And you hide, so you won't be there to ask and suffer more.

"Hey, please think about it, friend.
I know you're lonely, I'm here writing in the dark
Tryin' to get the balls
But it hurts too much to ask"

Breaks me up when she sings "friend". Its not just someone, its the type of person that comes from time to time, a girl that can really be your girl-friend.

John Mayer – Wildfire Lyrics 3 years ago
"Don't get up just to, get another you can
drink from mine, we can't, leave each other
We can dance with the dead
You can rest your head
On my shoulder if you want to get older with me"

Don't you just smile with those lyrics? Just a couple together watching the moonlight, its awesome.

John Mayer – Who You Love Lyrics 3 years ago
Also, there are times when you fall in love with someone. And you can't do nothing about it. Most of the time it hurts you, but you cannot deny that feeling because when a new person comes, all you see is that chance growing again.

Ed Sheeran – Photograph Lyrics 3 years ago
"You can fit me
Inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen
Next to your heartbeat where I should be
Keep it deep within your soul"

This just kills me, the way he sings that, gosh.
Its all about not being able to get over someone, though he knows that the chance of this love turning real are very little.
I feel like giving him a pat on the back, saying i know what he is feeling.

John Mayer – I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea) Lyrics 3 years ago
He's just looking for love. Is that feeling you get when something's missing.

"It doesn't matter where you roam
When no one's left to call you home
I might have strained a bit too far
I'm countin' all the moonlit stars"

This about having a place, someone to come back to. If you don't have that you just keep going, or you start to deny (even unconsciously), and looking back brings regret.

"Somedays, I think it's all okay
Some nights, I throw it all away
I saw her face and I could tell
My ghost had left the town as well"

Now its about thinking that is okay, that one day your love will come. But weeks after saying this you are still alone, then you get sad, then you say its all okay, its a bad cicle. Then he looks bad on old love, noticing she forgot him and moved on.

"Baby, I'm a runaway train
Baby, I'm a feather in a hurricane
Maybe it's a long grey game
But maybe that's a good thing"

Now his point of view is if it's taking that long, means when he finds the one, it will be crystal clear. He isn't picking any girl, he doesn't want to do that.

Im kinda on the same page, this angust is something you just have to deal with it to have a good life.

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