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Milow – Ayo Technology Lyrics 4 years ago
The original version is utter crap. But when Milow sings it, the lyrics come more alive. Yes, it's about a prostitute, and yes it's not pure-romantic-perfect-Bollywood-love, but he sings to her like a worsipper admires a goddess. It may be plain-paid sex, but somehow it's still respectable, in a way.

There is a breach, though. The weakest line of the song is "I'll be in this bitch 'till the club close"... It changes the entire spherical space the song finds itself in. I'd have preferred if he left it out or changed it to "I'll be with this girl 'till the club close" or something like that. Apart from that, it's catchy and pleasantly sensual but not overly so. I like his smokey voice by the way.

Also great to acknowledge there will always be things holier than technology... Just one more reason why real interaction deserves more attention.

Paolo Nutini – Jenny Don't Be Hasty Lyrics 4 years ago
Well the lyrics are pretty clear; Jenny and this guy are happy together, to the point that she would marry him, until she finds out he is only 18. All of a sudden she starts seeing imperfections like "laziness" as an excuse to break it off. She does do this and starts dating other guys that are no better but just older.

It's quite obvious, but I think we need to take this message to a higer level: it needs to be socially accepted that people may date even though there's an age gap in between. How can such a small-scale triviality bring about so much fuss? Come on people, it's love we're talking about here... Hell, it would still be beautiful if there were 20 years in between!

If everyone would tolerate it or find it normal that there is such a thing as a relationship between people with quite a difference of age, then Jenny and the guy in the song would still be together, and so many other relationships out there wouldn't have been so societally scorned and, eventually, destroyed...

Thumbs up to Paolo for the brilliant and true song. This is the way we pull down taboos!

Billy Joel – Piano Man Lyrics 4 years ago
I once heard someone say that music brought together everyone, men and women alike, as they can all find themselves in it one way or another.
I think this song expresses a feel that everyone may experience some time: nostalgia. I think a lot of people feel they're failures because they could not or simply did not achieve their dreams; they looked ahead and thought the future would be awesome, and they didn't like it when it didn't work out that way. Reality is often merely how we're living now; sometimes it just doesn't get better. But it may cost some time before the realization hits you.

The people in this song, the businessman, the waitress - they've accepted reality and their current lives, although they may wish to be someone else doing something else. Truth is - people will always want something else. Being a movie star isn't all that it's said to be.

While listening to the song, I picture a typical, average bar on a saturday night with the usual customers, a swaying sphere of nostalgia, everybody mocking themselves and through that learning to love life. I think if the regulars wouldn't come one saturday, they'd miss it.
The people in the bar that lonely, cold saturday night are there to "forget about life for a while". I think that may be the best or most important line of the song since it puts the feel of the scene so well across.

"They're sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it's better than drink it alone" I llike that very much.

Also an important message may be how every individual, every community, every wandering soul in the city is significant; this song is an hommage to those that lived their lives peacefully, to the unseen, to those that tried but didn't make it, to those whose gravestone is aligned with a simple, loving message of their family, with wilted roses as a last effort in the hope they won't be entirely forgotten, no matter how small their lives may have been.

I want to say "lovely song" but it's more than that; it's a scene, it's a worldly moment captured in a perfect combination of music and prose, in such a way that my vocabulary isn't broad enough to explain.

Dolly Parton – Jolene Lyrics 4 years ago
As a lot of people think this song is about a loving, maybe desperate or heart-broken girl telling this other girl Jolene that her man is falling in love with to please stay away, I think that may be the true intention of the song, but for me is has a somewhat deeper meaning...

I think "Jolene" is a personification of a fear we deal with everyday, or at least we all deal with it at some point, as is it almost like a human instict: the natural fear that one day someone might come and take your loved one away, or the fear that your lover will come to love someone else and you'll be left alone, without him/her.

This "someone" could obviously be another person that your loved one falls in love with (that's the most meanigful interpretation for me), or, to be really deep, Jolene could represent Death, as at some point we will all lose our loved one(s) to. In the last case, let's hope that Jolene's a sweet, soft and tender girl as we all want out beloved to be without pain and to be happy (which is ironic when looking at the first interpretation, as naturally the song argues that the guy is falling in love with Jolene, therefore he may be happier with her, but still the singer is begging Jolene to leave her man alone because "her happiness depends on it" so that's purely from a egoistic yet well-understandable point of view).

Jolene may be sung at a uplifting, light pace but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.. And maybe that goes for Jolene (the girl) as well, though, if she really is a personification of that fear, we'll never want to get to know her.
I think the song also represents us, human beings, and what we'll do when in despair, as we'd beg our "foes" to stay away from our loved ones. Kind of beautiful, really.

Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 4 years ago
Before writing down my interpretation of the song, I must say - this is brilliant. For me, it's what music is all about; the rythm, the voice, the lyrics - everything. Together with that videoclip, this is the embodiment of art. It's touching, it makes you think and, even though I'm not a cryer at all, when I watched that video, I wept frustratingly, wanting to do something about the issue addressed in the song...

Which is, I think, the way homosexuals are treated in the world we're living in. Being gay is in most countries regarded as a sin, and even though it may be allowed or tolerated in some places, often enough it's not socially accepted.

A very clear example was when some images of Russians demonstrating against homosexuality were shown.

This song creates empathy by singing and showing how beautiful love is, and it doesn't matter who loves who, whether that's two men or women or a man and a woman. Love is the best thing that could ever happen to you, so if it ever were to befall you - hold on to it. Worship it, like Hozier sings. Love is the only thing that keeps humans from being entirely egoistic and self-centered.

Using the Church (which is against homosexuality) as a metaphor for making love is just genius. Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic.

"Take me to church" --> take me to bed
"Worship me in the bedroom" --> don't listin to what they say during service/mass, make love to me and worship me instead of ancient words that won't ever be able to express what "love" means
"'We were born sick' you heard them say it" --> Clerks and a lot of other people say that homosuxuality is an illness
"I was born sick, but I love it" he mocks the people that keep saying homosexuality is an illness, by saying: sure, I was born sick, the hell do I care how others think about it; I love who and how we are now
"The only Heaven I'll be send to, is when I'm alone with you" --> again referring to how the Church loathes homosexuality; he won't be send to Heaven because he's gay. But this guy doesn't listin to or believe it anymore, his heaven is his lover and his lover alone
"There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin" --> homosexuals are treated as if they committed a crime, but they just love someone, like the rest of us. There is no innocence like pure, true love, and expressing that (to others, or by making love).

Then in the next stanza when Hozier sings about the lover he/the guy in the video worships, he compares her/him to a godly force, and that this love demands a sacrifice.. It could be that "the worshipper" would sacrifice anything, he'd drain whole seas, do hungry work and worship like a dog. It could also be that the sacrifice of loving someone of the same sex is that deathless death, that pain and humiliation that monsters like in the video make you go through, that life that you'd give for love.

I love how this song (hopefully) makes people understand that love, in every form possible, is something gentle, sweet, something great we should worship, instead of bleak lines bringing about hateful thoughts and actions.

Great lyrics, great voice, great message. I could write a book about this song. Maybe I will.

Neon Trees – Everybody Talks Lyrics 4 years ago
It's like a satire, really.

It tells a story which happens a lot, about s girl and a boy liking each other, but the rumors keep getting in the way. People keep talking and saying nasty things, could be about the boy (that she souldn't date him) or about her (giving her a lame reputation as if she's sleeping around, which she obviously is not) or about them in general (when there's a new couple the society arounds it always acts ridiculously, even though the persons in the spotlights want to take things slow or whatever).

I like this song because it reminds me of all of us, actually, of society in general, and of how people behave and what kind of behaviour is deemed right and what kind is deemed wrong. I don't like how people keep chatting behind someone else's back, and I definitly don't like it when some shitty words get in the way of what we want to achieve - love, in this case.

I feel like the song mocks all of us and it makes me smile because it reminds me to do what I would love to do.

Regina Spektor – Us Lyrics 4 years ago
My interpretion focuses mainly on how society, and the world in general works...

"They made a statue of us, and put it on a mountain top" Everyone of whom the people think deserves mentioning his/her name, they make a statue of and put it somewhere. Through ages it rusts away, together with the thought that's behind it. It's as if putting a statue somewhere gives you closure; as if it makes the loss of someone easier.

When the tourists come to stare at the statue, they take photographs, because that's the general idea of what a good tourists should do, in order to 'have fun'. Again, it's about the memory; people think that taking pictures is a guarantee that you don't loose a second of life; this is how the concept "yolo" has a counterproductive effect. Especially when the tourists don't even care about the statue, often enough they don't even know what it stands for; they just blow their gum and take unmeaningful pictures.

They'll even "name a city after us, and later say it's all our fault": to me it just confirms how humans are unreliable; people will never be irreversably loyal towards their principles. Politicians won't stand for their ideas if the entire society disagrees with them; people in general will change their minds when it's a dangerous time to think like that.

"Contagious" may mean that it's unescapable, or it's easy to be 'infected' with it ('it' meaning the general idea that roams society; how you should behave as a tourist, a citizen, a government.. how we should honour and remember the ones that meant a great deal to us, but also how we forget about them as time passes and other things are considered of greater importance, or people start taking up other views and what once was a hero could not be a shameless criminal) .

Also, I LOVE the way Regina says "contagiou-uh-ous"... To me, it represents how this world keeps us in its suffocating grip.

We all want this world to get better, but we are too busy pretending to live a utopia and a great life instead of just living, normally; because I think that after all,that's what everybody is looking for, it's how we cut the pretending that can be so suffocating.

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