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Flyleaf – All Around Me Lyrics 5 years ago
I know this is a Christian band, but I see more to this song than the everlasting presence of a god and the band's devotion. When I listen to this song, I hear so many emotions, so many thoughts screaming between the lines.
The first thing I imagine, and I could be projecting my own feelings and experience into the meaning of this song, is the mourning of a lost companion. Except they're not entirely lost. Lacey feels him/her everywhere as if they're not actually gone because they promised to never leave her, and she is willing herself to believe they're still there with her, physically, rather than just in spirit. She longs to see them again, to feel them as more than just a presence.
The other thing I imagine is an ongoing battle with depression, and a desperate search for something/someone tangible as she attempts to prevent herself from falling even further. She knows she's still alive, so that's something, but she's still searching for something real. She can feel so much around her, but it's as if none of it is real, or no one can see her. In the acoustic version of this song, she says "I'm still alive," and I see this as a method of obtaining some help, someone to realize that she's still there.

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